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Wasn't just limited to iTunes. Mail was also down for hours today and I had to re-enter my password multiple times. It's back ok for me now.
Diversity huh? I wonder how many worthy white males were passed over for these scholarships in favor of "diversity"... Diversity - Liberal code word for "anybody who isn't a hetrosexual white male".
You know this won't be the end of it sadly. Regardless of facts the lies about Apple get more traction than the truth.How much pissing and moaning did we hear about the antena bs but heard little of the truth that all handssets had this issue and that it wasn't limited to Apple?
I'm honestly not sure what role Anand would play at Apple but the guy knows his stuff so I'm assuming the postives of this hire are going to be multi-fold.
I honestly wouldn't know about Samsung's screens as I could care less about their inferior products...
Even if they don't it'll be an amazingly successful keynote and blow the lid off anything the other clowns could present.
Meh. I've played this on far superior platforms with far superior graphics. The graphics (among many others) are one of the main draws of this game so please feel free to enlighten me as to why I'd want to pay $15 bucks for a watered-down version of a game I've played thousands of times on superior platforms?
Quote:Right. Because following judicial precedent & the law justifies an invasion into somebody's civil rights. smh
You seriously believe Dalrymple's going to confirm an unannounced Apple product BEFORE Apple does? Seriously?
Couldn't have said it any better myself
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