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Simple, Samsung faked the video and obviously hoped nobody would notice.
This is just despicable. Samsung has zero integrity whatsoever. Why anybody buys anything from them anymore is beyond me.
I beg to differ. Apple DOES take into consideration what people what and what people have repeatedly shown over the years is that they want the quality that only Apple brings to the table
A problem is a few hundred or more people having it happen, not a handful. This is a non-issue at this point.
More bullshit FUD from the haters of Apple. I have not received one bit of spam from iMessage.
Please explain to the class what the eff her ethnicity has to do with anything?
I'd rather see these murderous scumbags with their heads on a pike than using an Apple product.
Not a fan of tablets & slates for reading and I despise ebooks. Give me the good old paperback & hardbounds.   FWIW, yes I AM that old.
I find it distressing that Apple would kowtow to the terrorist cesspool that is the Middle East and build a store anywhere in that region. This place has been extremely hostile to the West for decades if not centuries and Apple should not taint their products by selling to these clowns unless they clean up their act.
I must be the only one who didn't like this....
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