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 I wrote "I could care less" because I mean precisely that. I could give a shit about the NBA.
I'm sure to some it holds interest but honestly it really serves no real purpose to be released and as you said is wanted to generate clicks.
Not according to TS's post. At least that's what I got from the pictures posted.
Not at all TS. Since 2008 I could give a flying **** about the NBA & haven't watched one game or supported them in any way shape or form.
I could care less about the NBA
Well researched eh? Such as this one wherein Daniel claimed that the Wirelurker virus was never patched when in fact it has been patched for months? http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/183345/wirelurker-masque-attack-malware-only-a-threat-for-users-who-disable-apples-ios-os-x-security
That's Jesse Jackson for you. Never misses an opportunity to get on camera, I mean advance racial equality....
He has several aliases. DED, Corrections & Prince McLean are his most well-known ones.
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