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The one in Bellevue is always full but that's probably due to Microsoft having offices within a block of the mall and Redmond only five minutes away....
I see the essence of the portrayed characters which is infinitely more important to me considering this isn't a documentary in any sense of the word. I love Fassbender and plan to see it at some point.
This isn't a documentary so some things are bound to be stretched and all. Will it detract me from watching the film? Probably not as I'm genuinely curious to see it and I love Fassbender and it really doesn't look like a bad movie.
Actually what they said was "We weighed the risks, blithely tossed those risks over our shoulder, and tore down the Apple TV anyway," So they knowingly violated a contract and got the punishment they deserved.
I'll see it mainly because I enjoy Fassbender and I'm generally curious to see it but as far as Sorkin goes, the guy can eat shit.
This bullshit again? And btw, it wasn't a "minor controversy". It was a bunch of assholes going around to Apple Stores to get their 15-seconds of fame.
Of course they are...
Clicks. They show you an ad and they get a certain percentage via tracking. You use a block program and that ad goes away as does revenue.
Tough. If web publishers wouldn't clutter up their sites with relentless ads-after-ads and web "kick outs" (ie you go to a site and it kicks you to some random game in the App Store) I'd hazzard a guess that people would be more than willing to put up with an ad here and there. As it stands now I'll use things like AdBlock and others and do so happily sans remorse. I will however add that the ads I see here a fairly minimal and I have AdBlock turned off as a result.
How is it trolling to want apps that I have little to no use for removed from my phone?
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