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Corrections, the issue I have is not with Apple making a special section for LGBT apps, movies etc, far from it. My objection stems from the fact that this is reactionary pandering on the part of many companies, not just Apple. They didn't have an issue with these apps before this idiot started shooting but now suddenly it's a major issue for them. That and the fact they still sell apps with prominent Nazi symbols in them.It's the double standard I object to
This is reactionary pandering plain and simple. Very disappointed, certainly not surprised, in Tim Cook. Pandering seems to be his m.o. of late....
Sorry but the flag is more than just Klan history. Do some research please.
Apple pandering once again to these clowns.
Please explain
Not really. At this point most don't care one way or another what happens in the case.
Daniel, I'm curious to the ratio of other Silicon Valley tech companies and their hiring of women/minorities and what they're doing to encourage more of them in the tech field. Seems Apple is leading in this regard.
Truth be told I love going back and watching those old Keynotes from WWDC/MW. Great memories and Phil's mullet can't be beat
There are MANY who would disagree with your assessment
In that part I agree with you on. iOS yes, it's fine
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