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Tough. If their websites weren't so shitty and littered everywhere with ads I might be more sympathetic but as of right now I block all ads and do so happily sans remorse.
I wonder where @Apple ][ is at? I figured he'd be all over this one.
Why would they expand it if their own supply is constrained?
Wang also claimed it would launch this year and was wrong. Please tell me why we should take anything these charlatins say at face value or put any stock into their "claims"?
I don't know if it's dying per say but for the vast majority of people out there an iPad (be it whichever model you choose) is more than enough computer to fit their needs and a laptop/desktop is overkill
Ming is not well connected. The man is nothing more than a charlatan who continually moves the goal posts when his predictions fail to come at his specified times. I really wish people would stop quoting him or referring to him as "Well connected"....
"Allowing for even thinner MacBooks..." Dang. I wonder just how thin Apple's laptops are going to be in the coming years.
Oh yeah. He's quite easy to spot. Anytime an article on the Apple Watch comes up, he comes out. Any negative post garners thumbs-up from him.The best part is he usually prefaces his comments with "I hate to say it but..."
Some of the comments over at TrollRumors, er MacRumors, are rather amusing. Ben Frost is gleefully proclaiming Apple Watch doom as are others. Almost better than football....
The 74 traitors who voted in favor of this assault on our liberties should be immediately impeached for wiping their ass with the Bill of Rights
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