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To put it more simply Apple's iPad is where the money is so that's where Microsoft choose to go.
If it's a jury trial then there's little issue
You're probably right. It just seems as Eric said that the Samsung shills will be out in force and correct anything they (Wikipedia) might try to factually edit. Still though it's better to correct such errors rather than let such lies fester.
You honestly think shaming them is going to work?
How the hell is this even worthy of an article?
Many tech companies have clauses that cover this but find their products sold before official release dates anyhow. I recall this happening to Microsoft with their X-Box and I think even Apple's had some iPhones ship/sold to customers before the official date.
i've always found GatorGuy to at least be entertaining in his posts and always providing an enjoyable read.
Perhaps not but the onus is on Marineau-Mes for not being forthcoming, and to a lesser extent Apple, for not properly investigating if such a situation as this existed.
It actually doesn't look all THAT bad actually...
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