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In that part I agree with you on. iOS yes, it's fine
He has a point. iTunes has certainly become bloated over the years and imo the store itself needs to have a separate app from a music/television/movies app.
What's Al Gore going to do? Not being sarcastic or anything just curious how much pull he actually has.
There's a lot of things I don't understand
Wonderful. Another useless app to add to the 15 I already have. I really wish Apple would make it so that you could just delete some of the bloat on iOS rather than shoving it in another folder.
Classified information about the illegal harvesting of data and spying on American Citizens. As stated, he is a hero.
This guy needs to be deported
If Apple were to be doing it with the express intent of snuffing out the competition, rather than letting the market itself dictate a competitor's success or failure, then the courts could construe it as an attempt to gain a monopoly position in the market and considering the way the courts have investigated Apple lately that's something they don't need.
Considering how illegal that would be I certainly hope they wouldn't and would just let the obvious merits of Apple Pay stand on its own
You are correct and I should have stated such.
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