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Sog, i never got why his venom was skewed towards Cook. Cook's been doing a damn good job imo
Ping 2.0 jokes aside I would like to think that Apple has learned from their abysmal failure and that the addition of Levine/Dre would ensure that any new form of social media integration with iTunes would be much improved
That Xerox thing has always had me puzzled. Not sure the reasoning behind people trotting it out whenever people say that X-company copied or stole Apple. Apple didn't steal anything but that doesn't make for good copy I suppose...
I'd argue that he can do whatever it is he wants to after the years at Apple. It's not like he's hurting for money
The Patriot Act needs to be abolished. End of story.
He certainly hasn't but I thought he was on the right track with JC Penny and given time it could have worked. In any case I wish him well.
Steve/Apple said a lot of things they later adopted. Bigger screens on iPhones. Video on iPods etc. This would be just another. I'm not sure why people make a big deal about this or take it out of context.
That's fine and I fully respect your opinion and certainly won't tell you it's wrong. I'll just respectfully disagree with it.
I have loads of tattoos, a full sleeve on my right arm. I'm also fully employed as a chef. Most people, at least the ones I know, are not "thugs" or "hipsters". We're just as hardworking and family-oriented as many of you are. That said, I can't speak to what Apple tested making the watch but I would have to assume that at some point this might have been brought up but I don't know for certain. That said I'm certainly not going to blame Apple for this.
I think the technology behind HERE is what Apple would be interested in acquiring and then folding it into Apple Maps. Remember as a general rule of thumb Apple doesn't say why or what the acquisitions they acquire are going to be used for so only they would know why they would want to purchase a company/technology. I would also agree with your assessment of analysts.
New Posts  All Forums: