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I know better than to debate this with you but I'll bite. Really? We're the idiots? Who's putting up the broken feed? Who's putting up a feed with some Asian woman on the overdub?
He's absolutely right. This is pathetic. Broken feeds. Some Asian lady on the overdub. This is horrible.
This is pathetic
I have no sound. This is sad.
Apple's really having problems today. Feed is down or there's no sound or the wrong sound.
Feed is down
I'm going to choose the iPhone and Apple every time and it seems more and more celebrities are too: http://www.theverge.com/2014/9/8/6121623/adam-levine-iphone-tweet-samsung-event
Rather hideous looking...
To be fair some of the mockups I've seen aren't too bad. There are some that are shit but some, like the picture above aren't too bad.
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