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This is a surprise?
Balmer was much more entertaining. This guy's just a putz.
Doubtful. Some perhaps but unless Ebay completely abandons PayPal and goes to ApplePay PayPal won't be losing a whole lot
Wonderful. More pandering to Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton et al is in order for Tim Cook's Apple. "Treating people the same" - unless you're a white male. Then it's S.O.L.
This is absurd. How lazy are people that they can't remove the album themselves and need Apple to create a website to do it?
Apple's servers have failed twice this week. You'd think after the debacle on Tuesday they'd have made better preperations for today...
Molest? That's the word you chose to use? Smh.
This is beyond pathetic. Someone call me when they post the stream of this later today. I'm out.
Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.apple.com/live/2014-sept-event/" on this server. Reference #18.126c1160.1410284133.15163552   WTF?
Down again. This is pathetic Apple. Get your shit together.
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