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Still though $3 billion is nothing to scoff at regsrdless of wheter or not the phones are junk
Whatever happened to Frost? For that matter what happened to DroidFTW? I haven't seen either of them around here in a while.
The problem as I understand it stems from fact that the app itself has been around for two years without issue and now that Apple is coming out with the Apple Watch it's suddenly an issue that it mentions Pebble compatibility.Not saying it's right or wrong but that's what I understand to be the main point of contention
"Sources familiar with the matter"
Perhaps, but spend any length of time here and you'll see that a certain author likes to vociferously trumpet any and all Android vulnerabilities (even when presented with evidence to the contrary) yet remains curiously silent when similar iOS vulnerabilities are presented
In the spirit of balanced reporting I'm sure we'll see authors devote time to this vulnerability as is done whenever an Android vulnerability is discussed.
Be nice to see him return to Apple one day. I still think it was a dick-move on Federhigi's part when he took a dig at Forstall during the iOS7 introduction
Unexpected this is. I wonder what got him into Broadway musicals? Like I said the other day I miss his presence at Apple.
Agreed. I think they went about as far as they could with skewmorphic designs
I really miss Forestall.
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