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What else to say about the slimy-ness of Samsung that hasn't already been said? These clowns should be on the hook for EVERY penny Apple is asking for and then some.
And this surprises WHO exactly?
I'm wondering if this vindicates Scott Forestall & his refusal to sign the letter that ultimately led to his ousting? I rarely use maps but not once have I used Google Maps since the switch was made in iOS. Apple's mapping solution works great for me.
TS, good to see you back. How'd you get the banhammer in the first place?
I'd imagine they're going to burn through that $1 billion fairly fast. How long do they think they're going to stay afloat?
And you're basing this on what exactly?
In market share perhaps. In PROFIT SHARE however Apple remains comfortably ahead.
Apple's still selling em: http://www.macrumors.com/2013/10/31/apple-discontinues-original-smart-cases-and-covers-despite-continued-sales-of-ipad-2/
How is Apple at fault?
Not sure why Apple'd be a party to this when it was AT&T that bent their customers over and screwed them, not Apple.
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