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His sexual orientation is irrelevant and hardly newsworthy. He should be considered for being the CEO of one of the world's most successful companies, sexuality aside.
Apple, take the time to get this crap worked out BEFORE you rush out a release. Rather than rushing out a half-baked product year-after-year & releasing updates that should have been found & taken care of in beta-testing, take the time to get the release as close to perfect as possible and quit tying the release of new iOS SOFTWARE to iPhone/iPad HARDWARE.
You're right. They weren't hard to find. Took me all of five minutes to find...
What bigotry? Jesse Jackson is a WELL KNOWN race-baiter that uses any and all means to advance his racist agenda. If you don't meet with Jackson (or Sharpton for that matter) they demonize you to anyone and everyone who will listen as a bigot and a racist until they get their way. It's sad really. Jackson likes to claim he's doing this in the name of "Inclusiveness" when all he's really doing is using racial-polarization & hate-speech to further his own ends.
He should have shown this biggoted race- baiter the door and told him to eff off. Jackson is a known extortionist and is not someone who cares about diversity. Pathetic that Cook is even talking with him.
Again, Apple really needs to separate iOS updates with the hardware updates and release iOS when it's fully ready and not half-baked & full of bugs as the last two iOS versions have been.
As well it should. Why this ever got this far is beyond me.
That's like picking the lesser of two evils. No thanks to both Portman & Knightly
You're right. Wow. That is bad.
I would suspect that for some, mostly people who do a lot of reading, that 32gb is plenty of storage as iBooks don't take up a ton of room on an iPad but as you said when you get into apps like piano apps then that 32gb would get eaten up pretty fast. I think 32gb is standard on Android tablets as one of their "marquee" features is that ability to add more storage via a micro SD-card which quite honestly seems more of a hassle than a feature
New Posts  All Forums: