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Classified information about the illegal harvesting of data and spying on American Citizens. As stated, he is a hero.
This guy needs to be deported
If Apple were to be doing it with the express intent of snuffing out the competition, rather than letting the market itself dictate a competitor's success or failure, then the courts could construe it as an attempt to gain a monopoly position in the market and considering the way the courts have investigated Apple lately that's something they don't need.
Considering how illegal that would be I certainly hope they wouldn't and would just let the obvious merits of Apple Pay stand on its own
You are correct and I should have stated such.
Ugh. He needs to be relieved of UI Design duties. UI is clearly not his forté.
This amused me to no end: http://m.crackberry.com/blackberry-will-make-money-phones-again-one-day
Despite being a classless asshole Kanye's name still generates headlines - good or bad - and for that reason it would be a fairly big "Get" for Apple.
So if/when Apple doesn't release them as Ming claims can we finally stop referring to him as a "Well Connected Analyst with A Strong Track Record"?
The sooner this clown is out of the White House the better.
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