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Why do I get the feeleing that Jesse "Never Misses An Opportunity To Play The Race Card" Jackson'll use this report to extort, I mean gain concessions, from Apple?
I'd rather Apple be "late" to impliment a feature and get it right than do some crap like Samsung, Windows etc and rush some sh*t out there just to claim "First"
Not bad. Just waiting for the usual bitch about Apple being "cheap" with the gift cards and how they "Used to offer iPods" with purchase. Remember, Apple doesn't have to offer ANYTHING.
You can say that again. I love the originals, the Burton one reminds me of Blackberry - pure shit, and the newer ones are lacking something imo, just not sure what it is.
Do you really think that a 5-10 minute spot in a movie is worthy of a 20-paragraph article pimping said movie Daniel or are you just rushing to garner page-clicks when you really have nothing to say?
Because a movie that has an Apple product on screen for a couple of minutes is worth a 20 paragraph report. Welcome to the world of Daniel Eran Dilger....
Apple giving the finger to its pro users once again....
Probably this: http://www.occupygoogle.org/
How long has it been since the last Mini Refresh? I'd love to grab one myself.
Pretty big screw up but still not newsworthy
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