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Quote:Doubtful it's Breen. They did a podcast together once so unless Chris heavily edited his voice to disguise himself it's most likely not him.
Uh no. The US did not "kill millions" as you ascribe.
Actually it does. What it boils down to is that you're essentially buying a lottery ticket which is illegal and heavily regulated in the United States.
As has been stated numerous times this is considered a form of gambling in the United States so it is illegal here.
This is almost comical
There was likely no discussion. As this is a historical building odds are good Apple had no choice in the matter less they face fines, which while miniscule, would have been a headache they didn't need.
Either that or they get put in a landfill along with old Atari 2600 copies of ET
Careful. That may have just bought you some one-on-one time with the Secret Service.
I'd be interested in seeing if Samsung would ape this but then again kids have been putting bags of shit on doorsteps for decades....
Agree. I think Apple could implement something like this. Maybe put something like a voucher for a free iMac or something in a couple bags nation-wide
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