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So is this going to be a weekly feature? "How [X] Chipmaker Lost Buisness To Apple"?
It's been well documented that Daniel is Corrections and Corrections is Daniel. He's stated as much previously and Corrections's posting history indicates much the same: http://forums.appleinsider.com/forums/posts/by_user/id/134541/page/970 He also likes to sockpuppet under the name "Prince McLean" http://tracks.ranea.org/post/524619951/dan-dilger-exploding-head Rather sleazy really...
The Constitution has been broken & bent by every President since Lincoln decided to wipe his ass with it. Obama, Bush, Clinton & FDR are among the worst offenders
Win10 looks like a VAST improvement over the garbage that was Win8.
Considering how corrupt and full of bs the FDA is I'd rather take my chances with the Apple Watch
How many times is AI going to post the same article in a one-week span and for that matter how many times can DED repackage the same article? He seems to have taken redundancy to a whole new level.
It does but you're not eliminating the racism, you're just shifting the racism around to a new target and not really addressing the problem.
It most certainly is reasonable to say. AA has been divisive ever since its inception. Propping up one group to the detriment of another is blatant racism. Because of AA we now have artificial quotas that must be met in hiring and collegiate application policies which places importance on the skin color rather than on the individual.
Affirmative Action is one of the most racially destructive policies ever created and should be immediately abolished.
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