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I hadn't realized AOL was still around but it seems there are many who still use their dial-up services....
Very cool
No Daniel on this podcast Stephen?
Amusing. Apple builds ApplePay from the ground up, working out all the kinks (or as many as is possible).   Samsung needs a buy-in to do the equivalent.   Pretty much tells you all you really need to know....
It certainly does in the sense that it gets people who may have a great idea to the table that turns out to be "The Next Big Thing" that might otherwise be passed on or looked over.
Embargoes do absolutely NOTHING to those in power. It only hurts those that aren't. How long has this Cuban embargo been in place and what effect has it had on the current regime?
I'm not saying that Cook is the wrong man for the job because he meets with people. Far from it. That said however you posted "When a poster claims that the most successful CEO on the planet is not fit to be in his position for the crime of accepting to meet with a universally admired civil rights leader, how can that be explained as anything other than pure, blatant racism?"I mentioned Jesse because Tim has met with him as well and Jackson is considered "Universally...
How does calling race-baiters like Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton equate to racism? Please explain this one to the class because Jesse & Al's motives have been exposed for DECADES as nothing more than reverse racism lining their own pockets.
We know nothing. All there is is hearsay an innuendo, none of which is even remotely admissible in a court of law.
You'd think they'd pick a Toyota Echo
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