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He's hardly dropping the ball. You can't force somebody to work at a place they don't want to. That went the way of the dodo in this country way back in 1865. More than likely Tim Cook has his replacement ready to go. Being as important as this guy was don't you think there's a "Line Of Succession" in place for things such as this?
Agree 100%. Once Apple does or does not enter the market then we'll see and make predictions. Until then these guys are blowing farts in the wind.
Ahh. So then it won't be Arnold but our cell phones that will rise up and deal the first strike against humanity.Where's John Conner when you need him......
Very cool. Seems as though Lisa Jackson's got a lot on the ball and has some great ideas on how to further Apple's industry-leading environmental initiatives. Can't wait to see what's in store.
Very true!
Not really sure HOW they could put ads on a smoke detector/thermostat in all honesty. I suppose they could harvest the data on how you use it and then give your computer ads based on that (eg: give you ads for sweaters, blankets etc if you turn the heat up). If that's the case that's a little creepy.
Which would get Apple what exactly? A few moments of press to score political points after which the rep is "reassigned"?
Whs the "idiot" part of your post really necessary?
Apple will never allow "Custer's Revenge" on The App Store
That would be the more accurate statement
New Posts  All Forums: