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I don't know why it's so hard for you to answer a simple question. I'll try it again. If the best person for the job is a white male, if the best group of people for the job end up being white males what then? Do you hire the white males or do you skip over them to fill some imaginary racial quota?
For what reason?
And if those "Best People for The Job" people are predominately white males, what then? Do you hire them or rush to fill an imaginary quota?
It was joke. From George Lopez. Lighten up.
There are no hispanics because there is no "Hispania"   George Lopez
You know that's never going to happen again in this day and age. It's far more convenient to blame the other guy than it is to look in the mirror
Tell me why on Earth I should be forced to pay "Reparations" (liberal code word for "extortion money") to both groups in both cases? I had nothing to do with that and neither did today's Native Americans and a very few Japanese Americans had anything to do with the internment. I don't give a flying f*ck if Apple has 100% white male workforce. If they're the most qualified then so be it.
I'll agree with you there. I was and still am 100% behind Ron Paul. I wish more Americans were then we wouldn't be in the shithole we are now.
Of course they will. They elected Obama twice
That's hardlly the case. Jackson is a well-known extortionist and race-baiter who uses threats & intimidation to further his agenda which has NOTHING to do with racial harmony or diversity.
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