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What was negative about what I said?
I think it's a pretty good article. Lord knows I've had my issues with him in the past but this one is good
I'm convinced that DED has a boilerplate for Samsung at the ready. This was reported only within the last half-hour and already there's a 20-paragraph article
At least China's upfront about spying on it's own citizens unlike the people in DC...
Great choices. I knew I liked you for more than just Apple products
I wonder what Trip Chowdry has to say:   http://time.com/32775/if-theres-no-iwatch-in-60-days-apple-is-doomed-doomed-doomed/
Ugh. This guy again?
It's a confusing issue with many aspects that have yet to be addressed actually so I may have been incorrect in my previous post: http://labor-employment-law.lawyers.com/can-i-be-fired-from-my-job-for-using-legal-marijuana.html http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/09/30/man-fired-over-medical-marijuana-use-takes-case-to-colorado-supreme-court/
True but if he has a MMJ card then Apple could face complications in terminating the employee I would suspect
Would seem so
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