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Agreed. I think they went about as far as they could with skewmorphic designs
I really miss Forestall.
Hey Apple ][, good to see you around again. Where you been?As for the celebs, I agree Apple products are great to stand on their own but imo this is great publicity for Apple.
Weren't they the ones that screwed this deal up in the first place? Why is Apple to blame?
Wonderful. Jesse Jackson does his usual diversity-through-extortion bs and Apple capitulates. Diversity is fine but when it's achieved through racism and personal enrichment at the expense of the best person for the job it's something else entirely.
Not to sound snarky but portrait lock and problem solved
The iTunes iOS Store also seems to be down at the moment
I do want to ask for those that are using it, what is the consensus on the new Photos app? Pros? Cons?
The only time I use Windows is for gaming and using Word. Other than that I pretty much stay away.
Like I said I'll give it some more time when I head to the Apple Store later today. I may just update it on my '07 MBP and test it out on that one before I update my main iMac
New Posts  All Forums: