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I never saw the keynote so I can't comment on that part but I will say this: If you can remove the screen from the keyboard, it's not a laptop.It's a tablet with a keyboard.
Imo it's just another tablet with a keyboard. Is it good for what it is? I don't know and won't comment on that but the Surface Book looks....odd to me. A "real laptop" to me looks like the MBA, MBP and a few other Windows offerings.
The one in Bellevue is always full but that's probably due to Microsoft having offices within a block of the mall and Redmond only five minutes away....
I see the essence of the portrayed characters which is infinitely more important to me considering this isn't a documentary in any sense of the word. I love Fassbender and plan to see it at some point.
This isn't a documentary so some things are bound to be stretched and all. Will it detract me from watching the film? Probably not as I'm genuinely curious to see it and I love Fassbender and it really doesn't look like a bad movie.
Actually what they said was "We weighed the risks, blithely tossed those risks over our shoulder, and tore down the Apple TV anyway," So they knowingly violated a contract and got the punishment they deserved.
I'll see it mainly because I enjoy Fassbender and I'm generally curious to see it but as far as Sorkin goes, the guy can eat shit.
This bullshit again? And btw, it wasn't a "minor controversy". It was a bunch of assholes going around to Apple Stores to get their 15-seconds of fame.
Of course they are...
Clicks. They show you an ad and they get a certain percentage via tracking. You use a block program and that ad goes away as does revenue.
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