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Many tech companies have clauses that cover this but find their products sold before official release dates anyhow. I recall this happening to Microsoft with their X-Box and I think even Apple's had some iPhones ship/sold to customers before the official date.
i've always found GatorGuy to at least be entertaining in his posts and always providing an enjoyable read.
Perhaps not but the onus is on Marineau-Mes for not being forthcoming, and to a lesser extent Apple, for not properly investigating if such a situation as this existed.
It actually doesn't look all THAT bad actually...
I suppose it could bring more people into the Apple ecosystem in the long run. As Phil Schiller once said "Once we get people interested in iPods they might look at other products we sell." (paraphrasing)
Sad day in Apple History....
Does AI even know what a proofreader is? This is horrible.
That's a little offensive don't you think?
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