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Great. More bloatware on my phone. I wish that Apple'd make apps like Podcasts, Newsstand, Game Center, Compass, Passbook, Notes & Reminder available as seperate apps in the App Store. As it stands now I have a seperate folder called "Useless Aps" where I put these because I rarely, if ever, use them.
Ok now that's pretty cool
Zzzzzz. Wake me when there's ACTUAL news worth reporting on.
Is it just me or does he look like Beavis' dad?
EricTheHalfBee, how long is you block list going to be by the end of the day
Other than a one-word non-reply, why don't you try explaining how the buying of a sports team is newsworthy huh? So Ballmer buys a team big deal. Other than Steve Jobs's widow how is this even remotely related to Apple or Apple news?
This is newsworthy?
You mean the same reaction that the 29 other owners give when they have bad calls against THEIR team? Smh
Meh. The whole IB series is rather dull.
New Posts  All Forums: