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The term is correct. If you want to debate the nomenclature using the term marijuana has become as ubiquitous as "Q-Tips" has become for "cotton swabs".As far as the App Store goes this is great particularly for patients like me who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Way to intelligently debate...
If you truly think Apple's going to change the Chinese Government you're seriously deluding yourself.
Starbucks can burn for all I care.
I think I'll just take your word on that rather than google search for it :-D
Just out of curiosity I wonder what made Apple want to go into this segment of the market. Then again what makes them choose one segment over another? There's obviously some potential that we don't see that they do so it'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. I for one would love to be a fly on the wall for those types of discussions.
Someone tell me why Enderle is both maligned and oft-quoted? The guy has a notorious history of being wrong when it comes to Apple yet is often the go-to guy for quotes about Apple. Not that I mind him being quoted mind you. It's pretty amusing to see him make a complete fool of himself time and time again.
Typical DemoRepublican.
I'd recommend an iPod 1st gen over this
Seems to boil down to personal prefrence. I still use lp's as the sound better imo but again, this just me
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