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Tough. If web publishers wouldn't clutter up their sites with relentless ads-after-ads and web "kick outs" (ie you go to a site and it kicks you to some random game in the App Store) I'd hazzard a guess that people would be more than willing to put up with an ad here and there. As it stands now I'll use things like AdBlock and others and do so happily sans remorse. I will however add that the ads I see here a fairly minimal and I have AdBlock turned off as a result.
How is it trolling to want apps that I have little to no use for removed from my phone?
Or maybe Apple should dispense with the shovelware on their phones.
Please explain how this has anything to do with being "cheap".
How generous of him. Of the 30 stock apps that come with the iPhone 15 I don't use or care to. Apple Watch? I am not now or in the foreseeable future getting a Watch so this app is useless. Game Center, Health, Newsstand, Passbook, iBooks, Notes, Reminders, Stocks, Podcasts, Tips - same thing, all useless to me and ones I wish I could delete. To those who say "Just move them to a folder." it's a nice idea but that doesn't solve the issue that they still remain on your...
Daniel, welcome back. Great review on the new phones. I'm curious as to your thoughts if 6 owners would consider the "s-series" something they should upgrade to or hold off until the 7.
That's EXACTLY the issue here or do you not know what the 4th Amendment says? They want the iMessages. If they want them they need to get a specific warrant (not blanket demands) otherwise THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW. Period.
It's called the 4th Amendment DOJ. You either get a warrant or GTFO. This fear-mongering isn't working and the people see through the bullshit you're trying to sell. Love my Country, despise my Government
Dell is a competitor?
Direct competition? Doubtful unless they get rid of or de-emphasize games like Candy Crush, Farmville etc and can get some high quality first-run titles.
New Posts  All Forums: