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Not far enough. There's zero reason for Government Data collection. The NSA & DHS need to be completely abolished.
Lol. Amusing Daniel. It's baiting but I'll indulge. You were the one who wrote an article calling Lyons "Uncredible" yet the bulk of your article is bunk. And let's not forget this isn't the first time you've been caught stirring the pot with innuendo, heresay and outright lies.Yes I do find Lyons slightly more credible than yourself because at least Lyons can make posts without using sockpuppet aliases.
Who IS this lady?
Not to get to technical but "Jew'ed him down" isn't racist as Jewish people aren't a race - they're members of a religious group. It's more of a religious slur imo but your point still stands.
As far as I know it's been selling quite well actually.
If memory serves correctly he wasn't comparing sales but citing them in his keynote to indicate that even 1% of the smartphone market could be huge and he was correct in such thinking.
Cable service perhaps. Cable television I would argue the contrary. Esp where Fox News is concerned.
The flaw in that theory is that water/hospitals are essential to life.The latest episode of Heroes is not.
He also belives Apple is going to be coming out with a tv in 2013 Gene Munster amuses me. He reminds me of Rob Enderle in a way.
HIGHLY doubtful
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