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My guess is for his "Enviornmental Face & to "advise" Apple on their green initiatives
To stop these NPE's in their tracks, those suits that get tossed the plaintifs/ trolls should be forced to pay stiff penalties upon having their suits tossed.
You mean the same Judge Koh that presided over the $1 billion dollar judgement against her "Home Town Company"?
I don't believe in God any more than I do the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Santa. All four have as much basis in reality as the Boogyman.This law is hate & discrimination pure and simple.
That's horrible
Swiping your thumb across the device seems like it'll be less reliable than Touch ID. I see a few issues with it forthcoming.
Pretty cool. Glad to see Apple incorperating the fountain into the overall building design. Can't wait to shop there!
Whatewhatever happened to TechStud?
No bueno. Hopefully nothing of any import (family photos, buisness stuff etc) was lost or if lost, nothing permanently lost.
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