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Might be in here somewhere TS: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Computer,_Inc._v._Microsoft_Corp.[/url]
OOf course you do. You made that plain yesterday. Those who actually care about the company and value it as more than an personal ATM machine would do well to ignore the advice of both yourself and Icahn.
I rather like the mockup
Will this guy just go away?
So as I understand it they're going to charge those tech companies (such as Apple, Google etc) who operate their own transportation structure for their employees a fee to pick up said employees?
Now to eliminate this clown completely from Apple's life.
What's that old saying about how to tell if a Politician is lying.......
Actually it's somewhat the case, at least for me. While not a complete disaster, I've found it to be frustrating to do what the OP has described.
Agree. How is this even news or something we should care about?
One more reason Isaacon's a buffoon:[URL]http://************/2014/01/16/steve-jobs-biographer-walter-isaacson-says-apple-less-innovative-than-google-suggests-tim-cook-vulnerable/[/URL]
New Posts  All Forums: