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This Bernard idiot is the same clown who referred to the black female basketball players a few years back as "Jigaboos". This shit is par for the course with Imus/McGuirk
Which sites? I'm not seeing it come up as yet?
Not surprising. The original MBA when it came out was underpowered (if memory serves) compared to other laptops at the time and now it's a powerhouse that many have as their main machine.   I fully expect the same to happen here.
But what does he say about the Apple television set
I have to say Win10 looks pretty good actually. I'm certainly not going to jump ship to Windows (although I do dual-boot to Win7 for playing games and some light school work with Word) but this looks YARDS better than Sinofsky's disaster of Win8
I see a lot more MBA's than I do MBP's but the point still stands - Apple laptops (whichever one you choose) are the Gold Standard for laptop design today and one I would expect to continue with the new MacBook
I saw a few people with their Zunes but more often than not I'd see Microsoft employees with iPods. The Zune always seemed to be a problem in search of a solution.
I think I've seen maybe a handful of these in the wild, mainly because I live in Bellevue, about 5 minutes from the Microsoft campus but that's about it. They look....interesting but more often than not I'm struck by the design differences between the iPad and Surface.
He's hardly desperate as you put it. In addition to his music ventures here's a list of the various sports figures he represents: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roc_Nation_Sports Please do a little research before claiming he's "Desperate".
I certainly don't think there's been a drop in software quality per-say however there have been quite a number of bugs (some quite significant) in both OS's that I think would benefit from a more slow and measured release schedule particularly where iOS is concerned. In the early days I see why Apple tied the software to the hardware but these days I think they need to seperate the two to allow more time for refinement.As for the OP, Apple is hardly coasting as he put it.
New Posts  All Forums: