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I could honestly care less about what happens in Africa when we have so many people dying from AIDS here. Let Africa take care of its own health problems and if they can't so be it.
Not to sound insensitive but how about we fight AIDS here and let Africa take care of its own problems?
Still far too many holes in Yosemite to consider upgrading for me at this point. I really wish Apple would go back to a bi-yearly OS X release schedule. It seems more and more that releasing on a yearly basis results in rushed an unfinished OSX's plagued with bugs.
Tough shit. I love my Country. I despise my Government.
Great. More Apple iOS bloatware ala Newsstand, GameCenter, Notes, Reminders, Passbook etc. Used to be a time when iOS didn't have this problem....
Honestly I'd rather spend Black Friday with family than risk bodily injury or even death all to save a few bucks on crap (sans Apple gear) that most won't give a shit about in a few months time.
That image looks wretched.
iOS 8 has been one big mess from the start. Apple needs to start separating the software releases from the hardware releases and bring the software out ONLY when it's finished. These bugs we've been seeing should have been fixed before gen-pop release.
It's called not using any of their services
Well when Daniel/Prince/Corrections comes out and blatently lies about things not being patched that are in fact patched all in an effort to write yet another Android slur piece he deserves to be called on it.
New Posts  All Forums: