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It actually looks pretty damn good. Excited to see Fassbender's take on Jobs
I suppose in the interest of curiosity I may check it out but I'm more interested in the one with Fassbender
Where's DED been lately?
This is Star Wars we're talking about here. They could make a brown pile of goo and call it "Bantha Shit" and fans (in the interest of full disclosure I am as die-hard as you can get) would buy it in droves, irregardless of any movies coming out. That and the fact that people will be lining up in droves for months ahead of the release ala Apple products so I don't think either one if going to help/hurt the other.
I have a feeling that movies such as this usually don't do well in theaters but over time become classics. It looks fairly interesting.
Ugh. Every one of those games make me cringe. Casual games are here to stay but man I don't care for them...
You mean the new version of Android that 95% of consumers won't see pushed to their phones for another 4 years, if ever?
Scroll down his tweets further it says he's going to CPH which is shorthand for Copenhagen so perhaps he is indeed on vacation
Why wouldn't he be? It's really not too bad looking actually.
Please don't let Jimmy Iovine up on stage again
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