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Not to sound snarky but portrait lock and problem solved
The iTunes iOS Store also seems to be down at the moment
I do want to ask for those that are using it, what is the consensus on the new Photos app? Pros? Cons?
The only time I use Windows is for gaming and using Word. Other than that I pretty much stay away.
Like I said I'll give it some more time when I head to the Apple Store later today. I may just update it on my '07 MBP and test it out on that one before I update my main iMac
Not that I hate it per say but it's a jolt for sure. I'm going to the Apple Store near me later today for some Genius appointment and some other things so I'll play around with it a bit further to see how it is.
Sorry but there's too many flaws and things about Yosemite that I don't like about it to upgrade. Photos is just one of them. The OP is hardly an "idiot" as you ascribe to him.
Perhaps but this isn't a big deal. Remember back when the original MacBook Air came out many were making similar statements and it got better and more powerful as time went on and has become the defacto standard for laptop designs and has become the go-to laptop for thousands. I fully expect the same to happen here.
I suspect they'll declare it a failure with or without the lines...
I thought lining up for new products was part of the experience?
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