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Probably this: http://www.occupygoogle.org/
How long has it been since the last Mini Refresh? I'd love to grab one myself.
Pretty big screw up but still not newsworthy
Not really newsworthy....
So you're seriously telling us that the majority of people who bought an iPod Touch did so solely for the reading experience alone? Sorry Corrections but I don't believe that's the case. They bought them for a multitude of reasons but "Reading on a (at the time) 3.5 inch screen" I highly doubt was one of them.The e-ink Kindle provides a far-better reading experience, at least in my opinion, than an iPod Touch does. I can take it outside on a sunny day and not have to worry...
How about that. Obsolete tech is being tossed aside like garbage it is.You either get with the times or you get left behind.
No kidding Einstein. Since your reading comprehension is obviously lax, what I said was that I prefer physical books over ebooks. That I prefer going into a store and getting a brand new book. I never said anything about having to like one and only one. Smh
I gotta disagree with you just a tad. I have a Fire and it's not a bad tablet. I primarily use mine for reading and a little light web surfing. It's certainly not on par with the iPad but all-in-all it's really not a bad little tablet.
Doesn't look all that bad. Nothing that would cause me to give up my iPhone but not too bad of a first-gen phone.
Imo, yes. Next best. For me nothing beats going into a store or a library and getting a physical copy of a book. I flat-out despise e-books.
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