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Those phones are as shitty as he was
Wth has Scully been up to these days?
You couldn't pay me enough money to have me give up my iPhone 6.
Wait, sog35 got banned?
I'm guessing Tim Cook is planning a meeting with them to "address their concerns" as he has with everyone else he's pandered and caved to lately
I've never used an iPad but I imagine that hundreds of companies all over the world (plus IBM) would disagree with your assessment.
This Government need to be overthrown and replaced
So the yet-to-be-released iPhone 6s (6+s or whatever it's called) lacks a "Killer App" and thus Kuo concludes won't sell as many units as the previous generation? If Kuo had any credibility left this just did away with it.
One company that seems to be making a niche for itself and trudging on is Blackberry. They'll never (at least not in the foreseable future) get back to where they were but correcting some of the past mistakes by focusing on what they were known for - business & security - rather than trying to compete with iOS or Android, seems to be doing fairly well for themselves. They have something of a cult-like following with people like Chef Tyler Florence and rocker Duff McKagan...
So long as Apple continues to rake in the majority of profits from smartphones I could care less about the Church of Market Share which Wall Street seems to value more....
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