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Can you ever post anything without making some snide comment Prince?
It was doomed the minute Apple pulled out and started hosting its own events. Sad to see it go but the writing was on the wall.
**** this clown. It SHOULD be difficult for the Government to access data.
Considering Apple's recent iOS8 bungles & the U2 album fiacso that's probably what he's referring to.
Tim Cook's legacy is going to be that of pandering to these types of people.
Yet another typical snide response from DED/Corrections/Prince McClean....
I have zero intention of using either one of them. Are we realy so lazy as a country that we're physically incapable of reaching into our wallets and pulling out credit/debit cards?
This is a surprise?
Balmer was much more entertaining. This guy's just a putz.
Doubtful. Some perhaps but unless Ebay completely abandons PayPal and goes to ApplePay PayPal won't be losing a whole lot
New Posts  All Forums: