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Please explain to the class what the eff her ethnicity has to do with anything?
I'd rather see these murderous scumbags with their heads on a pike than using an Apple product.
Not a fan of tablets & slates for reading and I despise ebooks. Give me the good old paperback & hardbounds.   FWIW, yes I AM that old.
I find it distressing that Apple would kowtow to the terrorist cesspool that is the Middle East and build a store anywhere in that region. This place has been extremely hostile to the West for decades if not centuries and Apple should not taint their products by selling to these clowns unless they clean up their act.
I must be the only one who didn't like this....
I have to say I don't much care for some of the things Apple is doing lately myself such as pandering to the like of Jesse Jackson and such but so long as Apple keeps cranking out the groundbreaking, high-quality products they always have and such panderings don't affect quality or the bottom-line then I am ok with it for now.
What part of the ALS Association receiving $4 million-plus since this started do you not understand?
I also think it gives Apple another thing to tout over "competitors" like Google, Microsoft, HTC and the like.Plus I like to think it allows Apple to say to these clowns that "Hey, you guys were b*tching about us using these chemicals and when we changed them you still b*tched so you guys are full of shit." though not using those exact words.
It doesn't sound much like it's affecting Apple's bottom-line so I'm ok with it. Are they pandering here? I guess that's debateable but I think Apple did the right thing here.
The reason many of us are hung up on race is that race-baiters like Jesse Jackson use studies & reports like these to further their racist agenda. Jesse doesn't want the best person for the job, particularly if that person is a white male. He and others want minorities in positions regardless of their qualifications and they don't care if a more qualified white person gets passed over because of it. Reports like these only feed into Jackson's and Sharpton's agendas and...
New Posts  All Forums: