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Wouldn't any settlement talks involve an NDA of some kind? I'd hate for it to happen because I'd love for Apple to get out in front on this but my guess would be Samsung would insist on an NDA.
Which means what exactly?
Ancient? Ha! I've got a 2007 MBP. Now THAT'S ancient.Seriously though, other than it being (understandibly) slow it's still a fantastic machine. It has a couple keys missing and some won't work but a regular keyboard hooked up to it works just fine. It's one of the main reasons I will never choose another computer company to buy from. The build quality is second to none with Apple
27 million downloads. Ok good for both Apple and Microsoft. Now let's get a report on how many ACTIVE/ users of these suites there are.
Really? You fail to see what a music mogul and self-made multi-millionare in the relm of music could bring to Apple/iTunes?
Because Dr. Dre brings absolutely nothing to the table that would warrent his place as an Apple Exec right? Certainly not his clout as a music industry legend right?Considering his personal net worth is $550 million dollars the guy must be doing something wrong right? Smh
Considering some of your headlines DED/Corrections aren't you calling the kettle black?
I've actually found Gatorguy to be, if not always factual, to be at least a bit entertaining in his comments. Unlike some of the other trolls he's one I don't mind too much.
New Posts  All Forums: