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Let's just get this terminology out of the way. A "Fatwa" isn't a call for death or a call for war. It's a legal ruling in Islam so calling for a fatwa would be inappropriate in this case as near as I understand it. http://www.islamicsupremecouncil.org/understanding-islam/legal-rulings/44-what-is-a-fatwa.html A condemnation would be the more relevant choice of action of which there have been many by those practicing Islam.
A fatwa ruling, no but as is said in the link there are plenty of those of the Islamic faith that condemn such heinous acts of terrorism
Here's a few: http://kurzman.unc.edu/islamic-statements-against-terrorism/
Which is exactly why I said "Radical". I have no problem with ANYONE's religion. What I do have an issue with are idiotic zellots corrupting religion & religious symbols (the swastika being a PRIME example) in the name of their religion. Islam isn't the problem. Idiotic assholes corrupting Islam are.
These radical Islamic scumbags need to be exterminated from the face of the Earth.
Perhaps if Daniel didn't copy & paste the same diatribe filled with factual errors, selected surveys & sockpuppeting week after week, then the criticism of his writing may see a decrease.
Ok then Daniel, how about this?After regurgitating the same anti-Android security slur pieces week after week, why have you thus far remained silent on this one:http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/184021/apple-releases-critical-security-update-for-os-x-ntp-services-vulnerabilityI also find it amusing Daniel how you insinuated a couple months ago that "80% of the Android world was on Froyo" and then post a graph this week clearly showing (once again) your error:"Originally...
Fitbits are really nice. I get a lot of good use out of mine
Not according to Daniel. Any chance for a slam on Android or Google, no matter how irrelevant, and it's related in his eyes.
New Posts  All Forums: