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I actually look upon those days with fondness. I remember the days of family complaining that they would hear a busy signal when they'd try and call
The reasons I wouldn't trust DED/Corrections/Prince McLean as far as I could throw him? Here's a few: http://web.archive.org/web/20120217185943/http://www.bynkii.com/archives/2008/08/happy_morning_coffee_fun_stupi.html http://tracks.ranea.org/post/524619951/dan-dilger-exploding-head I trust Gruber FAR more than I would EVER trust Dilger. Yes, Gruber links back to himself at times but the difference between him and Dilger is that Gruber links to himself and not an online...
I like Enderle simply for no other reason than his pure Apple stupidity is comedy gold. He's been so wrong about Apple for so long that it gives me a good laugh and to hear him talk with Gruber and Darlymple would be pretty damn interesting to hear.
I've seen him compliment quite a number of Apple's competitor's products. Obviously he's pro-Apple but he's pretty fair and calls Apple out when it's called for. His podcast from Build was pretty cool and funny to listen to. I'd like to see him do one with Paul Thurrott and or Preston Gralla. The ultimate one would be Dalrymple or Gruber and Rob Enderle.
Gruber's FAR more objective than DED could ever hope to be.That and the fact that Gruber posts under his own name and not three or four different aliases like DED, Corrections, Prince McClean etc...
If memory serves he's done just that thing before on a few occasions.
Uhm no.
The only thing Sam Sung I give a shit about: http://m.ebay.ca/itm?itemId=121403401377
Rather sick of this "flat" look. It's bad on the iPhone and I shudder to think of it in OS X Yosemite and now it's slinking its way into Apple TV. Johhny Ive should stick to hardware design. Software is not his fortè.
That certainly made for interesting reading...
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