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The NYT hasn't been a credible source of news reporting in years
My town! Love to see Apple expand their presence here. Lots of untapped potential. T-Mobile in Bellevue plus a huge pool of Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile to pick from now that they've essentially bowed out of the smartphone market.
Please stop referring to Ming as "Well Connected". This guy throws darts at a wall and comes up with his "Estimates" which are more often incorrect than correct, especially when it comes to release dates.   Kreskin or Chris Angel have better and more accurate track records.
This article sure brought out the trolls over at MacRumors. A few have brought up the "Good artists..." meme and such. I've heard it's bad over there but this is a new level entirely.
In all reality this isn't that big of a deal but I'm waiting for the tech press to make it into one because Apple....
I haven't tried Apple Music yet as I'm going to wait a bit after iOS9 drops to upgrade but I'm curious as to people's thoughts on it.Have you used it yet?
Not weird at all actually. From Serenity Caldwell: In theory, you could sync an iPod shuffle or nano up with Apple Music tracks, then cancel your Apple Music subscription and continue rocking out to those “copied” tracks forever. http://www.imore.com/ipod-nano-and-shuffle-wont-sync-apple-music-songs-putting-another-nail-new-ipod-coffin Kirk McElhern: Since the DRM on the files links to a time-limited account, you can’t copy them to a device that can’t check if your...
I'm most likely in the minority here but I would love them to bring the Classic back. I'm that type of guy who needs (obsessively perhaps) to carry all my music & media with me at all times. Failing that I'd have loved to see a storage capacity bump for the Touch but all in all a pretty decent refresh imo.
This seems like an unnecessary slam...
Digi-Times huh....
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