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From all I've read the original vision behind the Kin was actually supposed to be a pretty decent handset but got stolen out from under J. Allard by Andy Lees at which point it went into the crapper:http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/02/life-and-death-of-microsoft-kin-the-inside-story/
Rather creative
Not at all surprising. Apple stands for quality and innovation and a great integrated user experience across all platforms. Dell stands for dogs**t.
Way cool
Ichan clearly does not have Apple's best interests in mind. He can go FOAD.
People are still using iOS3?
Big deal. It would surprise me if they weren't. However there's a huge difference between a prototype and a shipping unit. Until this actualy ships this is a non-story.
Zero integrity
There's VASTLY better sources than Isaacson's tome.
Until they solve the saving issue I'll pass.
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