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Curious. I respect your thoughts Solipsism so why don't you tell me where the err is in those articles/links? It seems a lot of people have been having issues with not only Yosemite but just about every release from Lion onward.I've said it before but Apple needs to slow down the release schedule of OS X to an every other year schedule to give it time to get these bugs worked out.
Yes, a quick Google search shows how "off base" I am: https://www.google.com/search?q=yosemite+bugs&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#safe=off&q=osx+yosemite+bugs But since I gather you don't use Google here's the same for DuckDuckGo: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=osx+yosemite+bugs OSX Yosemite is plagued with problems, moreso than any OS I've used and I've been on OSX since Panther.
Yosemite has been one big mess since it came out. Bluetooth issues, wifi issues, mail issues and the list goes on. Apple really needs to slow the releases for OS X versions down and take the intervening time to get the release as polished as it can be rather than releasing beta-versions once-per-year and calling them Golden Masters.
Thinking different? As opposed to the thousands of other that have come out?
Wonder how long until someone says he bribed the school district....
Uh no. As Anantksundaram essentially stated above, Apple still hasn't added enough functionality to this "hobby" to make it a worthwhile purchase for most people. Couple that with the price and it's fairly easy to see why most are turning to options that give greater functionality for a better price, in this case Chromecast. Once Apple updates the specs (and by a significant margin), adds an App Store/Channel Store and lowers the price this should sell very well. Till then...
There's a ship to go down? They've been sinking for years.
Alternative views I don't mind. What I do mind is DED's constant digging for anything about Android that he can contort and fact-twist to suit his agenda. For example he claimed, quite proudly, that the FakeID virus had not been patched on Android and then when called out on this very obvious lie by myself and others, he then tried to move the goalposts by claiming that "80% that your sources CNET likes to prattle about -- is not patched and will never be patched." which...
No Prince it's not. This is a case of a malicious software vendor and nothing more though I wouldn't expect you to remove your Android-hate glasses for more than a second to realize such but I digress. "Android ass-lick"? Mature comment as ever btw Prince....
The crux of the article was about the arrest & fining of a malicious software vendor and him turning over the source code to the Government not yet another opportunity for a DED diatribe on Android security
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