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Either that or they get put in a landfill along with old Atari 2600 copies of ET
Careful. That may have just bought you some one-on-one time with the Secret Service.
I'd be interested in seeing if Samsung would ape this but then again kids have been putting bags of shit on doorsteps for decades....
Agree. I think Apple could implement something like this. Maybe put something like a voucher for a free iMac or something in a couple bags nation-wide
My guess is that it's simply not the tradition here in the US as it is in Japan. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukubukuro I too would like to see something like this in the US but I don't think it'll happen.
El Oh El
Freemium games are the Android of the gaming world.
How interesting. Daniel Eran Dilger's usually the first one to vociferously trumpet such vulnerabilities, especially when they pertain to Android, so I'm surprised he missed this one...
 I wrote "I could care less" because I mean precisely that. I could give a shit about the NBA.
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