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If Apple were to be doing it with the express intent of snuffing out the competition, rather than letting the market itself dictate a competitor's success or failure, then the courts could construe it as an attempt to gain a monopoly position in the market and considering the way the courts have investigated Apple lately that's something they don't need.
Considering how illegal that would be I certainly hope they wouldn't and would just let the obvious merits of Apple Pay stand on its own
You are correct and I should have stated such.
Ugh. He needs to be relieved of UI Design duties. UI is clearly not his forté.
This amused me to no end: http://m.crackberry.com/blackberry-will-make-money-phones-again-one-day
Despite being a classless asshole Kanye's name still generates headlines - good or bad - and for that reason it would be a fairly big "Get" for Apple.
So if/when Apple doesn't release them as Ming claims can we finally stop referring to him as a "Well Connected Analyst with A Strong Track Record"?
The sooner this clown is out of the White House the better.
Sorry but I'm only seeing Erik Lehnsherr here. That and I'm left feeling even more bleh after watching the trailer. Perhaps that's because it's only a 71 second trailer but I'll need a little more to make a decision on if I'll see it or not.   I will say that Fassbender is a VAST improvement over Kutcher
Am I the only one thinking this company's whole business model seems to be based on a Ponzi scheme?
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