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Don't you mean "Prince McLean"?
Rather hideous looking imo....
So Obama's played golf while President? Who really gives a shit? I'd argue the world's and Apple itself's got far more important things going on than which President made par or which guy is hired as Apple's PR person.
I'm fairly sure the tens of millions of other Apple customers will be enough to console him over losing one.
Obviously but then why not buy a Gift Card? Hell go to a CoinStar machine. Why drive all the way down to an Apple Store and go through the rigmarole of setting all this up? I fail to see how this is useful or convenient to anybody.
So unless I'm missing something here I have to drive down to my local Apple store, set this all up on Passbook, and then I can add money to my Passbook app to make putchases on the store. Explain to me the convienance of this as opposed to just using my credit card.
This seems to have affected only Windows machines: http://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA14-150A Not really sure why Android would enter into the picture unless the author is making a general comment on operating system security.
What should they call it?
It doesn't seem they are. I can't find anything on Apple.com about it but still a great article nonetheless. DED/Corrections, I would also add another reason why developers write for iOS first - Greater Revenue. The iOS App Store is by far and away the best platform to develop for to get maximum revenue for your apps. No other "app store" even comes close.
Why do I get the feeleing that Jesse "Never Misses An Opportunity To Play The Race Card" Jackson'll use this report to extort, I mean gain concessions, from Apple?
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