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You mean iChat Theater? It doesn't let you remotely control a friends Mac; it just lets you show apps that are running on your Mac (show your Powerpoint/Keynote slides, etc.).http://www.apple.com/macosx/leopard/features/ichat.html
I'm done with AppleInsider. Is there some other website that provides timely rumors and updates about the Apple scene without the peddling to Apple stockholders, propaganda and BS journalism? I mean seriously, the person asked for a redesigned, stylish blood glucose monitor, and somehow since the iPhone 3.0 SDK allows connecting an ugly external device with a bulky cable it's the "second coming"?!? And then there are the morons on this site who think that this is Apple...
I'm still trying to figure out what my iPhone was doing on my wireless network this morning ... when I have WiFi turned OFF in the system preferences.
It doesn't matter what the facts are or if you're in an admin account or anything about cracking passwords. All it takes is being able to run some code outside the sandbox of the browser by clicking on a link (which is what they did). Simply being able to run code outside the browser is plenty powerful enough ... as in delete all the user's files perhaps? Or if the hacker decides to run a program that pops up a window which looks exactly like Software Update and prompts...
Unusual?!? Who writes these stories? If my pants caught fire and I had severe burns, I'd want my damages paid for, not some coupon off my next Apple purchase.
Sirius supposedly stopped including free Internet streaming with their satellite subscriptions as of yesterday. So, I'd expect anything they offer to be at least $2.99/month ($12.95/month without a sat radio subscription). Mostly music and talk radio. It was nice when it was included with their radio subscriptions, but I doubt I'd pay extra for it.
There are buttons on my iPhone headset?!?
As long as you're willing to wait till the next time you plug your Shuffle into your computer for it to process the commands.
Between the inability to use standard headphones, Voice Over already being the butt of some jokes and a 45mm cable (~1.77 inches) ... UGH.Oh, good grief, the new Shuffle doesn't even talk, it requires the host computer to generate and sync the voice audio.Hopefully it's easier to use than the instructions make it seem. Binary math sounds more fun.What a mess. Is it too late for Apple to consider 4GB in a 1st gen Shuffle?
You might want to try reading what you post, as in the second paragraph, "When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price."You can absolutely charge money for "free" software under GPL. "Free" under the Free Software Foundation's license means that the source code is freely available, which was an issue under Apple's iPhone developer agreements for a while (but I believe has been resolved).
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