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buy from a carrier if u r going to use 3 or 4g in addition to wifi. verizon also has a trade in program so u could get something for your pad when the hot new one comes out in april of 2013. :)
i think asus is focusing on wifi only with the NOTION that lte is coming. however, there r those of us who want lte capability NOW. thanks tallest. :)
thanks. :)
i am a regular person. do u think asus is "dangling a carrot" with their "lte is coming" line? thanks. john
ipad 4. any rumor to b heard? any wishes?
i am contemplating buying either the new ipad 64 gig with lte OR the asus infinity tablet. However, the infinity tablet does not have lte at this time. i have read that asus is working with at&t to get lte. sounds like 2 months or so. idk. wait that long? or is this thing with asus like a carrot dangling? what do u guys think?
New Posts  All Forums: