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Because of their past, obviously.
  It is a US company vs. a South Korean company. Sounds international to me.      Ever heard of people who hate their own race or racial background? It is not uncommon.
  This is a well known case. But, apparently US companies are above the law. But with the shrinking influence and power of US, this might change sooner or later. 
  Someone who is not racially and nationally biased, someone who does not own Applekoh stock would be a more fair judge. This needs to go to an international court. Maybe the country of South Korea needs to get involved?
  No kidding. With a judge like that, what chances do they have? This is why an international court should handle this case.
World Police USA.
            Wow! The racial hatred in this thread...
  I sometimes think Samsung's greatness and efforts are indeed wasted in the country of god and guns... Nevertheless, for now, it is still a big market, and probably worth the fight against Applekoh.   South Korea 5ting! 
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