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 Funny response, I had a good laugh.
looks  like I am the only one who thinks the new logo is nicer, I never really liked the old one with the wavy fluttering flag type logo.... but then i've never even liked msft.
"How to become an Executive of a leading Retail Chain" :   1. Get an MBA 2. Kiss some serious ass 3. Use big words like "lean" and "optimize" 4. Rise to a higher level by firing someone below you 5. When you finally become an executive.............. fire more people use even bigger words, kiss fewer asses, probably just the CEO.   Tada!!!!
This video is actually lame.
Gosh, I was sarcastic, read the line below it!!
While that is another way of looking at it. Try thinking about it this way: "How many times in a day would a normal user try to hit the "end call" vs any other buttons?", out of all those buttons "End call" is the one most users will use. So take it out and put it in a place where there are no other buttons, which reduces both the chance of ending the call by mistake and the odds of hitting the wrong button to the end the call.
  Seriously? Even after reading the line that's something like "Icons look like they're been copied from iPhone, try to differentiate"   Do you seriously mean that it doesn't prove Samsung copied? I still cannot believe how people can second such a practice. If Apple can't win at least one of the several infringement claims using this document, then I don't know what will help Apple. I think the world's just not the kind of place anymore where true innovation is...
I'm wondering..... how do both companies manage to acquire such sensitive documents?
  I think a couple people didn't get that I was being sarcastic. The copying is just so blatant....... (speechless). And yet I'm pretty sure that someone would still think this is fine and come up with a similar response, and then I was like..... What the hell, let me do a favor for the rest of the naysayers (and type it out for them)
Of course! This is the most obvious way in which you can make improvements to your product - By comparing it to a successful competitors' Product, what's new in it guys, GROW UP!   Okay apart from the sarcasm, this document is..... well, unbelievable. But I'm pretty sure Samsungs' counsel will find a way to justify this too.
New Posts  All Forums: