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I really would like a simple mail widget that would tell me when I have it. Well, I guess that wouldn't exactly work since widgets are only visible when you activate it... You see, I don't use a dock and used to use Konfabulator with a wonderful widget called "unobtrusive mail check". I had it set to desktop level, and it was a simple "badge" that would appear when I had mail, just like the one on the mail icon you see in the dock, but on the desktop and would ONLY appear...
Sheesh, mine didn't ship today... It has said "Preparing Shipment" for the past three days... So I guess it won't get here by Friday... And finals are next week. Argh.
I have a 12" Powerbook and sure do wish they would include this feature... When I went from my 17" to 12" I was wanting to show off my Powerbook to a friend. Closed the lid, went to sleep, took out the battery, and got this really funny look on my face. I have a backup battery for the Powerbook, but I really wouldn't want to shut down to have to change it.
Hey guys. I play a bit of guitar and sing, and wanted to share my 3 song demo. You can check it out here: http://www.jeremiahrich.com/?id=6 (the first 3 files there) I used a Motu 896HD with an Audio Technica 4033/a mic to record. Also used an MXL 990 mic for the guitar. (The 990 was where the neck meets the body, and the Audio Technica using the over the shoulder technique). It was all recorded using Cubase in my dorm room. Anyways, feel free to take a listen.
Mine did too, and I thought it was really lame.
Just choose get info on one of the PDF files in the finder (Apple-i), modify the default program, and then hit change all. That should do the trick.
After trying over and over I finally got it to work right. I did change from DVCPRO to standard DV, but no clue why it still worked on the first part...
I just got back from my spring break in Los Angeles visiting my girlfriend, and shot about half an hour of video on a Canon ZR-65. Anyways, I tried to capture it in Final Cut Pro and it worked fine... However, when reviewing the video I realized it was out of sync. Her younger brother knocked the camera out of my hand once about 8 minutes into the tape, and I can capture up to that point just fine IF I cut it off before the camera drops. If I skip over that part and try to...
I had a program that could do this called No Sleep. You can check it out here: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/20087 Hope that helps.
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