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My status at the time was "separated". They took and continued to take my money while, at the same time, refusing me any access because I was just "separated". Pick one or the other but if I am not elegable for services then tell me and don't charge me. To charge me while being aware that I do not fit your criteria for membership is fraud. Period.
Eharmony collects funds through Apple. When and if they decline service they claim they cannot refund because of their contract with Apple. This is if you apply through an Apple app. Apple then turns around and says they cannot refund the money they collected because it is a eharmony issue. Pretty neat scam. So much for Apple's vaunted ethics. I guess I should no that they are only in it for the money, no matter how they get it. Personally I'd like to find a couple others...
has anyone else noticed that apple, by refusing to allow third party apps such as eharmony, to return fraudulently obtained funds not only participates but perpetuates more fraud?
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