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It's 2008. The iPod has utterly kicked your Walkman in the nuts, and the current model Walkmans are ugly and the syncing software is garbage (also, you're tied to Microsoft's DRM). The PS3 is second in Japan, perhaps Europe, and third in North America. The PSP is doing very well, but moves little software and is poorly designed (optical drive). Your content business is doing ok (yet Spiderman 4 looks like a no-go so…) but it has systematically sabotaged the consumer...
Hmm. I dislike the colours. Do you need three colours? Why not use that pale red for the links and for the date? The blue seems out of place, and I find the date line (and last week link) hard to read. A bigger footer? I don't think it would be too much weight to duplicate the sidebar at the bottom in a paragraph form: "You can contact me, read the archives, etc…". I might replace "about me" with "colophon" as well. I prefer Helvetica Neue to regular Helvetica,...
Non-North American users of mobile phones often hop networks when roaming. For example a German in Italy would find it much cheaper to buy an Italian network SIM and some minutes then roam in Italy on his German network. It's not so bad anymore, but it still kills overseas so a German in the US would certainly want to buy an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM and some prepaid minutes.
HTC Touch only, it appears. No tethering, and of course it's "unlimited" not unlimited, but good nonetheless. I don't know if Bell has expanded this beyond the HTC Touch, but I imagine that they have/will.
Sony TZ: 6+ hours.Thinkpad X60: 6+ hours with wireless on, 10+ hours with low backlight/no wireless. The MacBook Air is a little weaker on battery life than other ultraportables.
The main reason is simple: Rogers Wireless is one of the worst telecoms in the developed world. However, Bell Canada has recently introduced a $7 data plan the rumour is that Rogers will follow suit to compete and so they can get the iPhone.
NTT DoCoMo or Softbank because they use the same 2100 MHz UMTS 3G technology as Apple's European GSM partners. Au/KDDI uses EV-DO.
Looks like Apple Japan is making a big push over the MacBook Air. I bet they wish the footprint was an 11 or 12" screen though . Thanks for the update, Bergermeister.
That would be the smart move in the mobile phone market, yes, but Apple is new to the mobile phone market and may try and stick with once a year updates like the iPod line. Apple is, however, in the interesting position where any iPhone model can enter at $499-599 price range and they can keep selling the current model at $399 as software will be the same on both—the new iPhone offering only hardware improvements such as 3G or GPS (which make Google Maps even better, but...
Agreed. Apple has struck the proper note between a pure smartphone OS (Palm, say) and a desktop OS (as UMPCs/tablets use) when they could have stuck with a smartphone OS. Instead they've incorporated as much of OS X as seems reasonable. Yep. The Mobile OS X space has a lot of room for product. You have your iPhone/iPhone 3G for the smartphone + small mobile computer space, iPod Touch for small mobile computer + multimedia/PDA, iNewton for the UMPC/tablet space, and perhaps...
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