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I can not get the new iTunes 11.1.4 to update on my PC. Help!
Good idea.
Very good.
I would like to praise deansolecki for an outstanding review of 802.11.
What and where is Launch Pad?
Both my 4S & my wifes 5 say "VPN" on it for Virtual Private Network.  We didn't do anything to make it appear; at least not to our knowledge.  We don't really know what it does or if is good or bad.   Any ideas?
When I attempt to listen to a message on my 4S, when I lift the phone towards me Siri comes on.  If I leave the phone down, I can hear the message using the speakerphone.    This is annoying.  Any advise how to listen to a message?
hdapm A Mac OS X utility for setting the power management (APM) level on ATA hard drives. It can be used to eliminate "chirping" or "clicking when idle" noises in some HDDs.   Compatibility OS X 10.5 or higher. ATA/SATA hard disk with APM support. Does not work with external USB or Firewire drives.     Documentation Further information can be found in the usage guide.     Downloads New! (Aug 25, 2012) version 1.2. Improved...
How about:  Sync; Transfer and Backup? I have not figured out how to find these three functions and I wonder if they are no longer present.
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