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The 6th Generation AE (Airport Extreme) will support the new 5th Generation 5G WiFi based on the new 802.11AC standard; which is expected to remain in draft until next year.  Broadcom already has a chip to utilize this called BCM4335.  My prediction is that the first Apple product to utilize this will be the iPad IV in March 2013.
We are all going to hear more and more about Glasses-free 3D. 
Apple stores told to triple space for iPad's for Sept. 12th.   I presume iPad mini coming soon.
This is a great article.   I would like to add the rumor of:  "Glasses-free 3D."    I have read Apple has patents concerning this potential development as do other companies. I believe this will be commonplace in the near future.
Broadcom is coming out with BCM4335 chip that will utilize 5G WiFi & lessen the interference the iPad 3 currently suffers from with its WiFi.
When a Pharmaceutical Company like Pfizer brings a new drug, like Viagra (Sildenafil) to the market, it took a decade and a billion dollars to do so.  Then they only have a limited number of years until the patent runs out and generic drug companies market their own version of Sildenafil.  Of course the generic version is cheaper and not as good.  Should Pfizer go out of business, the generic drug companies will be hurt as they have no R & D department to bring new drugs...
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