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Last I checked, his base salary was less than $900k.  Like the article says "stock grants issued to retain top executive talent comprised almost the whole of Oppenheimer's pay for the year" The guy would be an idiot to turn down about 150k shares of Apple for incentive to stay and continue to do his job well.
  Apple's market cap is currently a little over $396B.  IBM's cap is about $235B.
I guess that means we can assume that they've re-purchased about $2.5 billion of AAPL stock? With next week being their third dividend payout since the announcement at roughly $2.5 billion each, that leaves another $2.5 billion for the re-purchase program. Who knows when(if) they actually re-purchased the shares but at recent prices (~$455 before this afternoon's announcement) that would be about 5.5 million shares off the street.
  But then the analysts will say that Apple's guidance for Q2 isn't good enough...
New Posts  All Forums: