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While it can be said some factories can't be reliable, there are plenty that can be relied upon. On my trip to China in August of last year we visited a factory that had completed about 15 different iPhone 5 cases just a week after the announcement. In order to have 15 cases ready they had to have about 2-3 months of lead time. It is impossible to have 15 molds ready and already producing a week after the product announcement. I asked how they had so quickly made molds...
I'm sitting in a hotel in Dongguuan China as I read this. I can tell you one thing about my visit here. Chinese people want the iPhone 5! I can't tell you how many times people are drooling over my iPhone 5 when I pull it out. Once it is sold in China it will sell like crazy. China mobile will carry the iPhone.
I have been checking the status online, unfortunately it still states processing. For a living I work with Chinese manufacturers and surprisingly it only takes 2 days to get product samples from our factories. They always ship UPS, FedEx or DHL. So in my book the deadline is Wednesday. I'm still hoping!
I pre-ordered my iPhone at 12:56 AM PST. When I went through check out it stated a delivery date of Sept 21st. When I received the email it then stated an Oct 5th deliver date. I immediately went back to the order process and Apple's website wast still stating a delivers on Sept 21st date. The website hadn't been updated yet or something. I sure hope they bump me up! I want my iPhone 5 on Friday! Did anyone else experience this? 
When I placed my order at 12:56AM PDT for my iPhone, Apple's website was still indicating a delivery date of Sept 21st. When I received my confirmation email it indicated the shipping date had slipped 2 weeks. I immediately went back to Apple's website to see what it was saying and the shipping dates were still saying Sept 21st. When I check my order status from the confirmation email it is still saying shipping in 2 weeks. I'm so mad! So from my experience, Apple sold...
Does not surprise me that there was only $1 in his wallet. When you think his yearly salary was only $1, it is impressive he still had that $1 in his wallet...
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