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 Good luck with that! It's a better 6pm for me. I'm probably just getting a bit long in the tooth, my first mac was a IIsi in 1990 and a laser printer that set me back about £8,000!!
 Ha ha, that's funny! News of an updated Apple TV with App Store would be quite exciting.
 No, you're right actually. I used to cream my pants over these keynotes like any other fanboy on here but they just don't live up to all the HYPE any more. So it's difficult for me to get too excited by another software update I'm afraid!! Let's hope I'm wrong though!
Oh whoopidy do... an update to a phone operating system. BIG frickin' deal!!
 I guess some people never know when they've lost the argument.LOL!
  ..and let's NOT forget that the iPhone 5 really is the iPhone 6!
OMG Earth shattering!!
  Thanks for that insight, it's alway nice to hear from someone in the know.
I'm with you gwmac, the way he bestrides these discussions like a playground bully really spoils them for me!
Well some people, on here, certainly never thought it could ever happen!!
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