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Why not? Plenty of ex car assembly workers there.
Don't buy them then, wait until you grow up.
  I believe there is software that does this on the iPhone, available to those who are jailbroken 
If you're going to be so boneheaded you could at least post your own email as well?!
  It may well have the appearance of being 'simple' but that is usually the case in all the very best designs.   It'll be interesting to see if Apple can make more use now of such an iconic design.
Good. Hope you don't come back!
As long as they pay their fair share in the US, who gives a shit!   That, by the way, is why they won't pull out of the UK market for those who recently said that they should!
..and a bit pointless, unless you're going to sit with your face bang up to the screen.
  Couldn't agree more but don't let Tallest Skil hear you say this. By the way, he seems awfully quiet since the ipad mini has officially been announced, has he choked on his hat by any chance?!
Go and find satisfaction elsewhere then!
New Posts  All Forums: