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Fitbit had plenty of time to ask customers if they wanted Health integration before iOS 8 debuted. To ask now is a disservice to their users who are Apple users. Good riddance. My Fitbit One and Aria scale will be on eBay this weekend. My iPhone 6 replaced the One for tracking my steps and an iHealth scale (that measures far more data points) replaced the Aria.
Brilliant! I actually wrote to HBO a year or so ago, telling them I would gladly pay them for their HBO Go service if they ever separated it from my Dish subscription. $10 directly to HBO beats $22 to Dish!
 I'm still finding things that iOS 8 can do, and as long as app developers use more and more of the potential of the OS, it will keep getting better.  Once ApplePay and Homekit come on-line, then iOS 8 will really shine!
I wonder what iOS 8's adoption rate will look like once the iPhone 6/6+ units are activated in China? That may spike the adoption rate up quite a bit.
I think others have already pointed this out, but let me see if I have this right: Android users are fine talking about specs, until actual benchmarks prove those specs meaningless. Android users are fine talking about benchmarks, as long as Apple devices aren't beating them in the same benchmarks. I think I've got it now.     I know this is going back a while, but didn't a team of HP engineers hack an original iPad and find out that it ran WebOS faster than their...
I've been holding off buying a new Apple TV for a while in hopes of an updated one with all the Homekit bells and whistles, so only a a few weeks to wait. I will be getting a new iPad so my Air that my girlfriend has all but confiscated can be hers full time!!
I wouldn't say that it is useless, but on an iPhone without the motion chip it won't track your steps. 
From talking with Apple support, I was told you have to leave the Health app running in the background and it will track your steps using the Motion chip. If you close the app, no step tracking. Once I left mine running, it started tracking my steps without me doing anything.
MyFitnessPal was updated on 9-25, and at least some of it's nutritional content is now porting to Health on my account. I'm wagering that if the data is there or not is down to the data people have entered for the food, rather than anything else. I'm pretty sure whomever entered the fat and calories from Taco Bell's menu didn't break it down to the level that Apple has on the Health App. 
A wise man once told me not to believe anything someone says before the "but"...
New Posts  All Forums: