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If this is pretty much the same as HBO Go (series, comedy, selection of movies) AND its $15 per month, I'll switch right now. I'm paying $19 per month for HBO through Dish, and anything I can do to eat away at Dish, I'm all for. And as bad as Dish is, they're still better than the other options in my neck of the woods!
It took a bit of work and a few calls, but I finally added my First Tennessee debit card to my ApplePay account. I can't quit using it, and as I finish up my Christmas shopping today, I will find a way to use it everywhere I can! Not that this adds much to the discussion. Just noting that even as ApplePay moves beyond the top 10 US banks towards the top 50, many people who might not have been able to use the service before now can. As more people see others using it, they...
I tweeted Discover, and they said 'We're working on it'. Yeah, right...   My bank told me, barring any unforeseen arising, their Apple Pay support goes live on Dec 15! Awesome!
I've had a passcode lock on my iPads since day one, so unlocking with the TouchID is far easier to me. 
I've noticed the message has changed from "Your issuer does not yet offer support for this card" to "Try again later or contact your card issuer for more information" when I try to add my First Tennessee Bank debit.   Fingers crossed this means something is happening behind the scenes, as they have added an entire section about how Apple Pay is coming soon to the bank's website!
That was my thoughts as well. The same government not afraid of spying on it's citizens is worried about those same citizens willingly putting their trust in a private company that has a pretty good record of keeping information private?
Added my Barclaycard, so I've got two options. My bank is on the "coming soon" list, as as soon as they're online, my debit card will be my primary payment!
I love my Hue lights, and will be adding more to other rooms in my house as I replace the CFL bulbs. I love the scenes and timers and the geolocating on/off features are great.   My only wish is Apple will get HomeKit off the ground and I will be able to have Siri control my lights.
Others might have already said it, but just in case...   BWAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!    I think it was foreshadowing that their 'security' page was a dead link.
If Apple put up half a BILLION dollars, that's Apple taking a pretty big risk, isn't it? 
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