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That was my thoughts as well. The same government not afraid of spying on it's citizens is worried about those same citizens willingly putting their trust in a private company that has a pretty good record of keeping information private?
Added my Barclaycard, so I've got two options. My bank is on the "coming soon" list, as as soon as they're online, my debit card will be my primary payment!
I love my Hue lights, and will be adding more to other rooms in my house as I replace the CFL bulbs. I love the scenes and timers and the geolocating on/off features are great.   My only wish is Apple will get HomeKit off the ground and I will be able to have Siri control my lights.
Others might have already said it, but just in case...   BWAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!    I think it was foreshadowing that their 'security' page was a dead link.
If Apple put up half a BILLION dollars, that's Apple taking a pretty big risk, isn't it? 
My bank, First Tennessee, went as fast as putting a "Don't worry, Apple Pay is coming soon!" article right on their homepage.I've gotta feeling this will be big once people see that it works. I completely blew the Walgreens employee away using it on Tuesday.
Fitbit had plenty of time to ask customers if they wanted Health integration before iOS 8 debuted. To ask now is a disservice to their users who are Apple users. Good riddance. My Fitbit One and Aria scale will be on eBay this weekend. My iPhone 6 replaced the One for tracking my steps and an iHealth scale (that measures far more data points) replaced the Aria.
Brilliant! I actually wrote to HBO a year or so ago, telling them I would gladly pay them for their HBO Go service if they ever separated it from my Dish subscription. $10 directly to HBO beats $22 to Dish!
 I'm still finding things that iOS 8 can do, and as long as app developers use more and more of the potential of the OS, it will keep getting better.  Once ApplePay and Homekit come on-line, then iOS 8 will really shine!
I wonder what iOS 8's adoption rate will look like once the iPhone 6/6+ units are activated in China? That may spike the adoption rate up quite a bit.
New Posts  All Forums: