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I had a new heat pump installed in mid-October, and installed a Nest thermostat at that time. Granted, the heat pump is a new, high efficiency model, but the Nest has shown plenty of 'no usage' or extremely low usage (<30 minutes in 24 hours) days. Since I'm on my electric company's 'levelized' plan that averages the last 13 months, I haven't seen a drop in the bill just yet, but in the usage chart, there was an obvious drop in October 2013 v. 2012. Granted, there were...
My wife and I decided to start improving our health and drop some pounds and get in better shape this year. She has been using the Fitbit One and we bought a Fitbit Aria scale to help us track our weight loss. I'm not giving either of the devices all the credit, but she's dropped 25 pounds and I'm down 10 lbs. I'm thinking the motivation of spending that much money to let us know we're still overweight has been enough to keep us from giving up. 
I think that's why Apple was so insistent on getting the iPhone 5 into as many countries as they could as quickly as possible. Not only to satisfy customers around the world who wanted the newest device, but also to see what type of supply chain modifications they might need to work on before attempting to supply China Mobile's customer base along with all the other carriers they already partner with. 
If Apple were to start publishing a phone book, some halfwit analyst would announce that 'initial supplies will be constrained due to display yields'. Apparently, it's easier to publish that line than to actually say 'this device will be VERY popular'.
I've noticed this on our plan (2 iPhone 4s and 1 iPhone 4 ) as well. A LOT more cellular data use than was normal before iOS 6, and even cellular usage when I know our devices are in range of our routers.
I haven't had the described problem with the wifi 'greyed out', but I have noticed significant reduction in where my iOS 6 devices can pick up my Airport Extreme router's signal since upgrading. With iOS 5, I could easily pick up signal into my front and back yards, but now I lose signal at certain places inside my home that were never a 'low signal' area before.
That's what I was wondering, too. The only way I've found is to go to General and select 'Sleep Now'. That's far more clumsy than how Apple usually does things.
I hope so! Programming direct from the BBC would beat the pants off waiting for BBC America to air their good stuff!
I think this is an important point that the jury (rightly, IMHO) picked up on early- there are other ways to design a smart phone. Blackberry and Nokia phones didn't look like iPhones, so why did Samsung decide theirs -had- to not only look like them, but try to duplicate the iOS user experience? Granted, when a company as innovative as Apple comes up with something that becomes an obvious standard, that doesn't mean it's not protected by patents. 
Decency? Really? You've just been found guilty of $1 Billion (note Carl Sagan like emphasis) worth of infringement, and now you ask for decency?
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