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The news of the Samsung 'Pink Gold' (or Rose Gold copy) colour they are rushing out seems to of made a difference. /s     Looks like its face is blushing in this colour, wonder if their bosses are too at this news.    Edit: Meant to have a pic, obviously, but it is not showing up.
@Cash907.  As someone who owns a 128 GB iPad Air 2, the restore process, as well as just transferring large photo and video files over the USB 2.0 based lightning connector, is painfully, annoyingly slow. It's the only thing I don't like about my Air 2, frankly.   A few points. 1.   Why blame Apple's lightning connector? I fully expect it is due to the speed of the much older USB part of the set-up, & not lightning. 2.   New USB-C to lightning cables will come in due...
 I'm only a casual home user, & not a professional, programmer or anything like that, but I would expect the normal countries alphabets should be covered, like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Then do not forget some countries, such as India & China, have several languages & alphabets that might be covered too. (See a previous SF article for an example) Creating all of these characters would of course take time,...
 My guess is Helvetica Neue could have been a stop-gap, as it looks similar to the new San Fran font, & only used until they had SF ready to launch in all countries. Remember not every country uses the same alphabet & characters. Guess we'll never know for sure though, & all things move on, just like the newer iOS & OS X style. I liken those differences like going from a Nautilus / Victorian look interface, to an Enterprise / contemporary look. Don't forget though, things...
 If they are, it could also be a sign that it's going Apple's way, = no point in sorting a replacement, he will be pulled when the appeal is declared in due course. Hope we all know soon either way. It's going on so long, this monitoring etc could be over before the decision is released. 
Re: Avatars & AI. As Soli has mentioned earlier, & made clearer after his edit, they are not allowed in 'Desktop' mode, but they are in 'Mobile' mode. These modes are selectable at the bottom of each page, though I cannot recall if you have to be a site member (logged in) or not, but it is easy enough to confirm.
 As an example:-Current OSX 10.9.3 = System 10, Version 9, Release 3. Digitally, to the computer, version = 13D65 Not hard to understand is it?
So the jury make errors in working out the damages owed, go back to go over their findings again & also take into account the SGII, then afterwards, including the SGII, the outcome remains exactly the same?   Sounds very fishy to me. What are the odds on that happening?
 Cheaper internal parts, so cheaper to produce? It could have a few low cost improvements too where possible. Like they did previously, to the iPad 2 I think it was, when they originally kept it.
Perhaps they should decide Bromwich should go & look into Amazon's practice of killing off other competitors in the e-book & book market, on-line & high street, by overly aggressive pricing. When they've killed off most the competition, who's to say they won't be raising their prices to higher than the publishers recommended prices for a profit. It could be, 'You want or need a book, pay our price or go elsewhere. Oh you can't can you?'   The way I see it, Apple's...
New Posts  All Forums: