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Re: Avatars & AI. As Soli has mentioned earlier, & made clearer after his edit, they are not allowed in 'Desktop' mode, but they are in 'Mobile' mode. These modes are selectable at the bottom of each page, though I cannot recall if you have to be a site member (logged in) or not, but it is easy enough to confirm.
 As an example:-Current OSX 10.9.3 = System 10, Version 9, Release 3. Digitally, to the computer, version = 13D65 Not hard to understand is it?
So the jury make errors in working out the damages owed, go back to go over their findings again & also take into account the SGII, then afterwards, including the SGII, the outcome remains exactly the same?   Sounds very fishy to me. What are the odds on that happening?
 Cheaper internal parts, so cheaper to produce? It could have a few low cost improvements too where possible. Like they did previously, to the iPad 2 I think it was, when they originally kept it.
Perhaps they should decide Bromwich should go & look into Amazon's practice of killing off other competitors in the e-book & book market, on-line & high street, by overly aggressive pricing. When they've killed off most the competition, who's to say they won't be raising their prices to higher than the publishers recommended prices for a profit. It could be, 'You want or need a book, pay our price or go elsewhere. Oh you can't can you?'   The way I see it, Apple's...
Hmm. Looking at the damage in the picture, are they sure it wasn't held in a flame, lighter, matches, bunsen burner, previous to being placed in the pocket? It's just that to me it looks like the scorching, smoke / soot marks on the screen, & buttons damaged just like the case, look like they could have been caused by an external source.   Not saying that something didn't happen in her pocket, but if it was previously damaged by her, or bullies, it's not the phone to...
"Samsung on Thursday argued against an Apple-sought permanent injunction, saying such an order could have long-lasting repercussions for the Korean tech giant."   Oh please go ahead & grant it. It's about time someone made an example out of them, to teach them & others a lesson they will not forget, ever.   Samsung should be reduced to being a bit part player, in that they are only allowed to supply parts for others, & not compete in these electronics markets. It seems...
What a cracking piece of architecture the cube is.
Maybe, when this appeal is over, it will be time for the Judge & Bromwich to get their Cotes & leave permanently. Sorry, just couldn't resist that.
Only just found out. Rest In Peace JRagosta. My condolences to your family, & friends of course.  
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