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Has anyone watched the hands-on videos?  Have you noticed how painfully inept most tech journalists seem to be at following simple instructions?   "Lift and rest your finger on the Home button repeatedly."   It's amazing how many of these chuckleheads just glob their nerd finger on the Home button and wait ... derrrrrrrrr.
 "C" is for Cheap   What I want to know is this:  Will PersonA (an iPhone 5S user) be able to pick up PersonB's iPhone 5S and easily access his/her (PersonA's) iCloud data? This would obviously require some portion of fingerprint data be stored on the iCloud servers, but it would be almost magic if people could hotswap on the same phone using just their finger.
JetStar, the value brand of Qantas, has been doing this for at least a year ... perhaps they'll be free vice having to pay (like on JetStar) is the news here?
Perfect day to sell off the stock...? Wtf
Agree!  The point about other companies not being able to copycat is still valid, but you're exactly right.
Haha! to the guy who claims to know how this tech even integrates and then how Apple will implement it!   The internet "comment" feature has made people so cavalier with their ignorance.  The ability to say something on a topic in no way enhances your knowledge on said topic.   I'll be the first to admit that ALL I KNOW is that this [previously] AuthenTec fingerprint reader uses radio frequency instead of optics to "image" the finger's ridges and that THAT is...
Apple is screwed because they're not innovating. Evidence? Duh! They haven't told us about any secret products they're currently developing. /s Say nothing of the financial gain, I can't wait for this stock to go back up into the $700's so that at least some of the ignorant journalists can be exposed as imbeciles.
There are a lot of factors (and fear is a powerful one). At the end of the day, if you accept that Apple's growth will inevitably slow but that they'll continue to be in business for another 5 years, then the stock is simply undervalued and now is a decent time to buy. Sure, the stock might drop another 10% ... so perhaps you can try to perfectly time the absolute bottom (good luck to you), but over any reasonable long-term investor's horizon, you'll come out ahead.
Where S stands for "Secure" ... time to bear fruit, AuthenTec acquisition
Too expensive. /s
New Posts  All Forums: