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Maybe this will help the stock...
Maybe this will help the stock ... this unending slide is getting a little unbearable.
Maybe he meant that Apple is a low-volume player with respect to downloads of iTunes 11   I hate waiting.
The market seems thrilled about this new iPad Mini. Sure wish I had not cancelled that sell order at ~695.
The plot thickens.
Yeah, but Maps is such an utter catastrophe. /s (SARCASM for those who don't get the /s tag)
ahhh hahahahahahahah
Can you smell what the Apple is cooking?!
As an Apple shareholder, I'm disappointed the company left itself open to this sort of criticism.   I was running beta iOS 6 from the beginning and am a) disappointed by Maps itself, and b) disappointed that - seemingly - the only change to Maps during beta was the addition of more "flyover"cities ... a cool feature but, let's be honest, kind of a gimmick.     Reduce the dividend $0.50 and use the saved money to "Manhattan Project" the hell out of "Apple Maps"....
/s = SARCASM tag   That was meant as a reply to the post above.
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