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From my understanding is that NVIDA is based on software...and this AMD is more of hardware based....so..i'm thinking it will be a badass pro machine.
first of all, I don't know much about that site.  Apparently, there were few people who mentioned this website with very good speculation...or reasoning for discontinuing Mac Pro.  That's why I shared this under hardware section.  AGAIN...call it how you want, but if you don't agree, you can simply NOT RESPOND.  Simple as that. Thanks!
there is no consequences.  First of all, it wasn't something that actually happened yet.  Secondly, it was speculation...but very good speculation.  If you knew the history...maybe you would understand...rather than denying it completely. Sure, i over-reacted, still, the article did bring up an interesting story.  Now if you didn't agree, you didn't have to respond.  that's all.
Sorry, i was over-reacting. ahem... just hearing about ticks me off.
hmm..it's probably not a nonsense...but more of speculation.  POINT TO ME WHERE?  OTHER THAN SHOP>  This is about the future of mac.
http://architosh.com/2015/09/apples-latest-mac-family-portrait-missing-mac-pro/   DAMN!!!! sorry, i need to throw a tantrum on them...   damn you apple!.  Ahem....well..   Apparently, mac pro is no more.  I don't know the alternative to mac pro when editing and all that....
THANKS! THIS is the type of answer i was seeking.... hopefully by end of 2015...
I have an cMP...i ain't using it for gaming nor obviously it's not iPhone...just need an upgrade for my usage....
So...therefore.....they still don't any love for mac pro users?
that's true..and it is a hassle...but i sat down for a minute to see the pros and cons..whether i should get it or not...i decided i could wait...i mean..i don't need it now...
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