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Apple should have remain in dealing with computers and maybe tablets.
MAN! bring back backward compatibility
damn it... I want Apple to bring back 3.2.2 if i remember correctly..  That was the best...less brain drain version ever.  Since 4.1, battery been killing the phones.  They always add useless features to cause battery to drain even more.
I would be laughing if cook went up to keynote stating that..., "thank you...we sold 300,000 units since last year. I'm so proud of that..." (clap clap)
I don't understand why rumor websites need to cover these kind of crap.  If people want to see something new, how about reporters report something better? What is this crap? Why are reporters being noisy about their business?  Let's focus on factual news that may be intriguing.
that's old school.  What may be NEW to you isn't new to droid.
Wouldn't matter...cause Dev team no longer exists to jailbreak.
good....now many people will be stuck with 5 and not 5s..
but MS can stop the process for ios version of office.
Man... Apple is hustling these days...  I wonder what got them to get new items out quicker than "usual?"
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