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mac pro
oh ok thx...i wasn't sure...but wow..so far no problem with mine...but i guess i haven't done heavy rendering yet...so i might end up like this ....
to all 2011 mbp users: is this referring to early or late 2011?   If early: does this impact your next decision on buying MBP? Also, what do you think is causing this problem? editing?   If late: Does this impact on your next decision on buying MBP? I have late version..and I haven't end up in this situation...yet...but what do you guys do that made this happen?
sorry for late reply..yes..i seen once...but you might be right..they probably merged.
oh ok. Yes. i'm actually in west coast...but i'm surprise there aren't many wf in midwest and east....
oh ok....i've been thinking...it wouldn't bad..lol...
what's wrong with wells fargo? Bank is really good...unless i'm missing something here.
This is plain sad for korean's iconic company...maybe bad CEO.
??? huh? why would that be important?
good call wells fargo.
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