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bad news: IF there really is an ipad mini, it will be just like comparisons of the current 10" inch crop of tablets. Apple will win in the smaller size market as well. Nexus 7 is a good low cost tablet but i imagine apples will be better. why should things change just because the size has changed? if they couldn't make an ipad killer at 10"...
my first question related to this article  is an existential one: Why are you here? 
that's a pull down menu, not a notification pull down. and is this supposed to be prior art or does apple aleady have a patent? if prior art, well, jurors don't look at that, it might 'slow them down' (re: the recent samsung/apple case)
possibly. but people think that android = motorola patents. which is not the case. motorola had those same patents before google bought them. in fact motorola insinuated they might start litigation against android/google and others before google bought that company. one reason google bought them.
webkit is licensed differently than android and android is made of code that falls under different licenses. go read.
the recent are not 'standard-essential'. we will see what happens. and don't expect the recent jury to hold up. that 1+ billion to apple ain't gonna happen this time.it will be reduced (at the least)
do your homework before you spout off. apple offered some patents for licensing but never any covering 'design' of which at least 4 of the 7 in dispute are design related. apple will not license what they think is a 'look alike'. they aren't MS. 
i don't think so. google (motorola) just filed new lawsuit and is asking to stop import of apple devices. i think they are just going to do what apple is doing and try to stop them completely at first. apple isn't like MS. ms is more than happy to take a fee and allow use, apple doesn't want you using what they believe is theirs. i also wonder what effect the news that jurors put aside 'prior art' will have on appeal to the recent big money verdict.
what is odd is that he was with apple for a long time and magically lost his job after steve died. we all know steve didn't tolerate fools so i wouldn't just outright dismiss his claim. i guess this guy wasn't involved in those stupid recent commercials apple put out. those made the MS Seinfeld ads look GOOD.
New Posts  All Forums: