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The headline '99%' of all mobile malware attacks are targeted at Android, which sounds really bad, but if you read the report you then find that one bit of malware (Andr.Smsend) accounts for 98% of all Android malware. According to McAfee "This malware requires that the user intentionally install it upon the device. As always, users should never install applications from unknown or un-trusted android markets." So, if you don't intentionally install the single malware...
    However frustrating your comments and views may be, they are oh so true!! Spot on!
So it's bad for Apple that Microsoft has a bug in their server hardware. Amazing.   This must be one of the lamest comments I have ever read on this forum (and I've read a few!).  MS has plenty of bugs in their software but pinning this one on MS!? Give me a break!   I still do not understand what neurologic process occurs in ones mind that kills off all of the neurons when one becomes a "fanboy". I really don't!
These ads make a larger difference than what you may expect. Example: 1984 great ad but in 1985 not so much... http://www.forbes.com/sites/allenstjohn/2012/02/02/the-super-bowl-ad-that-almost-killed-apple/ This is the world we live in. People/consumers are fickle. Today you are on top of the world tomorrow you are underneath it!!!
1984,1984... 1984. Jesus, wasn't that almost 3 decades ago ?? I bet this site has readers that weren't even born back then!!!!
Fingerprint sensors were not practicle/useless on PDAs, PDA phones and PCs! Will it be different on the iphone??
here are the stats country by country: 
Anonymouse, do you have  any  stats to back up your previous posts  or are your comments based on opinion and/or on your personal experience?  
  True, so true!!!
    Great post!  Smart, unbiased and logical!    It's one thing to be an Apple fan (which contrary to some opinions, I am and own a few Apple devices my favorite being my 64gb 4g Ipad) and another to be an Apple shareholder.   I understand that being an Apple shareholder all things Google, Windows, etc. suck, but come on… they are not the devil on earth (I know that some will actually say they are)   As fans we are able to recognize Apples strong points (there are many)...
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