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here are the stats country by country: 
Anonymouse, do you have  any  stats to back up your previous posts  or are your comments based on opinion and/or on your personal experience?  
  True, so true!!!
    Great post!  Smart, unbiased and logical!    It's one thing to be an Apple fan (which contrary to some opinions, I am and own a few Apple devices my favorite being my 64gb 4g Ipad) and another to be an Apple shareholder.   I understand that being an Apple shareholder all things Google, Windows, etc. suck, but come on… they are not the devil on earth (I know that some will actually say they are)   As fans we are able to recognize Apples strong points (there are many)...
HERE --> Tried it out and didn't like it one single bit!!!!   Then... (after completely abandoning Apple's native map app for weeks) went back to Maps to make comparisons and was amazed on how much the maps had improved in my area!!!! YAY!!!! :-) :-) :-)   Maps is finally Apple worthy!!!!
    There is no doubts that the standard warranty and Apple Care are two different things.   The question is: if the EU has a mandate of 2 years why do the online Apple Stores across Europe (The Netherlands; France; Spain; Germany; Portugal; UK) continue to mention "1 year limited warranty"”?? This is wrong and misleading. Less well informed customers will in deed go ahead with Apple Care because they are unaware of their consumer rights! It's just wrong and unethical!!!!...
  Knowing that they have to give a 2 year guarantee, doesn't is piss you off to continue to read in the Dutch online Apple Store?  Elke iPad mini wordt geleverd met 90 dagen gratis telefonische ondersteuning, gerekend vanaf de aankoopdatum, en een jaar beperkte garantie.*
Buy or sell??   Who agrees with this article published in April?   http://seekingalpha.com/article/521851-28-big-reasons-apple-will-fall
Nexus 10 hands on. Check it out. http://m.engadget.com/2012/10/29/nexus-10-hands-on-video/
New Posts  All Forums: