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  Have you ever used a Gingerbread or above Android device?? Android used to suck it no longer does!
  "despite Apple beginning their work on full 3D maps in this regard before Google."   Out of curiosity, just how is it that you know this? Unless you have inside info from both companies, this is pure speculation. To my knowledge, it has always been Google that has been one step ahead in map technology (landscape 3d views, 3d redering of buildings, street view, etc), 3d city views are only the next logical step. Also, dont forget that Google denied Apple acces to some of...
Oops!!!   Ohhh and just one more thing about who is "copying" who and patent wars, have we all forgotten about this:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/152042/motorolas-seven-patent-itc-complaint-against-apple-detailed
Ohh and just one more thing. Take a look at this thread:
  Dude, two things:   Google couldn't innovate their way out of a wet paper bag. You're kidding right?! I guess Google's growth was just pure dumb luck.    As for 3D Look deeper, I dont think we're talking about the same type of 3d imaging here.
  … but what you are saying just goes to prove my point. This feature may by a plus, but it’s a “minor” one - it’s by no means “inspirational”! My kids are 3 and 5, their first contact with the ipad was last year when they were 2 and 4, and since then, at least twice a week I have to breakup “fights” between them because they both want to play with the ipad. My point being: Kids have already grown “attached” to the ipad/to IOS, they already work extremely well on it/with...
  I agree!!!   To all ardent Apple defender's here:   Don’t think that rooting for a Samsung win is because I/we are Apple bashers or because I/we are  Sammy lovers. Both companies have some great products (I bought and own various Apple and Samsung products). Apple excels in some areas and sucks at others and the same for Samsung.  I’m rooting for a Sam win because: IMHO some of the patents make no sense and shouldn’t have been awarded. I think the whole patents...
  Great comment!!!
Hate without purpose is just stupidity. I agree!! It right up there with blind, unconditional love.
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