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Nexus 10 (exynos 5 Dual) vs Ipad 4 (A6) performance.  Is this true???   Exynos 5 Dual  scores and comparison   SunSpider: (lower is better) V8: (higher is better) Octane: (higher is better)       Exynos 5 Dual ( Apple A6 ( Intel Atom Z2460 ( Snapdragon S4 ( Tegra...
No the apology was not written/published. The matter is infact under appeal.   But… the judge was clear with his ruling and (correct me if I'm wrong) Apple appealed because… (drum roll) they lost the case!!!!  
    I think Apple actually was the company responsible for the big bang!!! They didnt apply a patent because the patent office was closed that day! Actually if I spent a few hours Googling it, I would probably discover that it was Apple that developed God!!!! Man, these copying acusations are really getting out of hand!!! Wake up people smell the coffee... not everything is an Apple copy. Under your logic the ipad mini is just another copy of other smaller tablets out...
dude your missing the point. Im pointing out that immaculate apple's record has stains on it after all. They did the same thing Samsung did. They all do!! Based on your logic in this case, on the motorola vs. apple case you will be in favor of Motorola. Will you be?? Sammy screwed apple and apple screwed motorola right??? It's the same thing!!!
  Have you ever used a Gingerbread or above Android device?? Android used to suck it no longer does!
  "despite Apple beginning their work on full 3D maps in this regard before Google."   Out of curiosity, just how is it that you know this? Unless you have inside info from both companies, this is pure speculation. To my knowledge, it has always been Google that has been one step ahead in map technology (landscape 3d views, 3d redering of buildings, street view, etc), 3d city views are only the next logical step. Also, dont forget that Google denied Apple acces to some of...
Oops!!!   Ohhh and just one more thing about who is "copying" who and patent wars, have we all forgotten about this:   http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/152042/motorolas-seven-patent-itc-complaint-against-apple-detailed
Ohh and just one more thing. Take a look at this thread:
  Dude, two things:   Google couldn't innovate their way out of a wet paper bag. You're kidding right?! I guess Google's growth was just pure dumb luck.    As for 3D Look deeper, I dont think we're talking about the same type of 3d imaging here.
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