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I didn't know 15hrs ago = multiple days, lmao. I know you're a very lonely person but I have to go now. Today is 11/27/2013 in the US, just so you don't lose track of time, lol. Oh, and unsubscribed. Have fun trolling air.
Have a happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure you have a seat reserved for AI at your dinner table *cough* computer desk *cough*.
 Uh ok, whatever you say. A bugged iOS7 is not Apple's fault, lol
What does Samsung have to do with this? Then again, this is the problem with people obsessed with a particular product. They wouldn't admit there's a problem if their little precious blew up in their face. I have a iPad Air and iPhone 5 with iOS7, I would say around 1/3 of my apps that ran perfectly fine on iOS6 crashes on iOS7. Upgrading to iOS7 was the biggest mistake I made this year. I took a leap of faith and broke my personal code of electronics, "if it works don't...
Why would you want to update to iOS7 anyway? It's loaded with bugs and doesn't feel as smooth as iOS5/6
I just received my black iPad Air 64GB and already noticed scuffs around the edges (on the metal). This is ridiculous and completely unacceptable. I'm wondering how I can remedy this issue with Apple since I ordered mine online and had it engraved.
Everything looks so flat in iOS7, reminds me of Windows 8, ewww.
*update*   Found a car charger that charges both iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets at full speed.   Anker 18W 3.6A car charger
First off, how can I tell if the USB car charger is charging at the rated 2.1A/10w? I recently purchased this car charger from the Apple store Just Wireless Mini Car and A/C Charger. My iPhone5 was at 53% and in 33mins was charged to 78%. Is that charge time normal for a 2.1A charger? I feel that the Apple 5W USB Power Adaptor charges faster but I have yet to time it.   Has anyone tried this charger from Monoprice? 1 Port USB Car Charger 2.1A   I'm trying to find...
This is an attempt by Samsung to get men into using handbags just to carry their phones. Next thing you know they'll get men to wear dresses and grow out their hair. Won't be too long when everyone who uses a Samsung carries a rolling backpack just for their phones.
New Posts  All Forums: