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I'll wait for the 6s, hopefully iOS 8 will be more stable and mature by then and all the hardware issues resolved. Moving the power button was dumb, moving the power button directly opposite of the volume buttons is just plain stupid. Apple should fire their entire hardware design team.
Android? Nokia is a Windows phone, I wasn't referring to OS but hardware design, lol. Anyways, people like you will still think a particular brand is great and perfect even if it blew up in your face.   iPad is not a phone, it's a tablet in case you didn't know, and I treat it as such.
It's easy, move the power button near the the bottom of the screen and the volume buttons to where the power button is, problem solved. Keep the middle area clear for phone mounts. Manipulating it a bit? Then why bother with Reachability? Obviously the software side had one hand use in mind, it's their hardware design team who's out of sync. There is no way Apple didn't think of this before they released it. The power button is reachable with the right thumb, but the...
Would you mind showing us? How you hold your iPhone 6 plus with your thumb within reach of the home button AND power button without having to readjust your grip? I don't see how that's possible unless you have 4 inch thumbs.
A week into my iPhone 6 plus and it's beginning to annoy the hell outta me. I believe this is a design flaw by Apple, placing the power button on the opposing side of the volume buttons. I always end up pressing the volume buttons. I am unable to see the wisdom of placing the buttons where the opposing force required by newton's third law would require pressure on both sets of buttons. I understand why Apple would want to relocate the power button on a bigger phone....
I didn't know 15hrs ago = multiple days, lmao. I know you're a very lonely person but I have to go now. Today is 11/27/2013 in the US, just so you don't lose track of time, lol. Oh, and unsubscribed. Have fun trolling air.
Have a happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure you have a seat reserved for AI at your dinner table *cough* computer desk *cough*.
 Uh ok, whatever you say. A bugged iOS7 is not Apple's fault, lol
What does Samsung have to do with this? Then again, this is the problem with people obsessed with a particular product. They wouldn't admit there's a problem if their little precious blew up in their face. I have a iPad Air and iPhone 5 with iOS7, I would say around 1/3 of my apps that ran perfectly fine on iOS6 crashes on iOS7. Upgrading to iOS7 was the biggest mistake I made this year. I took a leap of faith and broke my personal code of electronics, "if it works don't...
Why would you want to update to iOS7 anyway? It's loaded with bugs and doesn't feel as smooth as iOS5/6
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