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  Competition made innovation. I don't think Apple is after removing competition. They are just making advertisement and using trials and slamming other product is the best way to get the headline.
    That's true... consumers are the one who knows which product are much useful to them! Who cares about the patents? Probably not the consumers for sure.
    Jury trial is just a part of marketing! People are not the one who made the verdict. well. lawyers are also people but they are just after the big money they can earn. I am talking with the people who are consumers.
    Apple was the fruit eaten by Eve and changed the whole world!
    Not all apple sir!
Apple and Samsung are fighting with the patent and everything but they didn't notice there is a lot of China imitate product in the market. I think they better solve that first.
So how does this looks like??
    too political?
  What's wrong if they just have Samsung product?
I am really tired reading about the fight between Apple and Samsung! Why go to the court? Why not let the people decide which product is the best.
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