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  Can you tell me which mountain you gonna buried your golds?
    15 years? I don't want to go to Mars. There might be real martians in there. lol!
That's so unfortunate. Though, I think some our life is quite miserable whatever gender we got.
  Then make some suggestion to the admin. :)
Stupid rules or not. We have no choice but follow. We should at least follow to avoid being banned. :)  
When you got a money, you can easily get gun licensed or not. Gun is good on one side, we can use it to depend ourselves from bad guys. Having a gun must go with responsibility. You must know when to use it and not.  
Congratz nvidia2008! Pretty cool top rated.... :)
If i have that money then... 1. I will buy an island 2. I will buy house and lot 3. i will give some of it to the needy 4. buy my parents an insurance 5. put up an account for my sister's college schooling 6. Make a business
Last year, I was busy preparing a party at 6am and it ended at 10pm straight. I have really never had a good night sleep after the party since I have a flight to catch up for my travel. So I ended up more than 48 hours without a sleep. I never felt sleepy the whole time since I was enjoying my trip and party. I don't even also feel that I am tired at all.
Really! This is pretty informative. We should at least know that things and whereabouts of the legends.
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