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You are not alone, but you know what I did... I just myself really busy and forget that suicide. I know it won't do good to me. I am trying to make negative around me positive. Deep inside I am full worries and sadness. But life must go on... Anyways, we gonna all die. We just have to wait. :)
Being nice and supportive is not making things worse. You can making her feel accepted. Those people who are sick needs understanding more than discrimination.
Whoever is the President, we can always feel the bad things happen. This is not just Obama's fault. Have you asked yourself what have you done to make your country better? Not because he is the president he can easily make our world perfect.
Having this rate is better than being unemployed. What you think? We keep on nagging but you must see the brighter side once in awhile.
Electricity bill often go up but we seldom feel that it went lower rate. We should at least try to change of super high electricity consuming lights into some energy saving bulb. Most of them are more stylish and cute. Yet, it will help us lower our electricity bills.
If you have his facebook account, try to remind him there. Write the demand on his facebook wall so everybody will know what damage he had cause you. Or you can just immediately visit on his parents' house and demand what they owe from you.
Nice picture. Jesus helped Apple and Steve Jobs to be one of the successful company in the world. Never dare to contradict me because you know very well that's its true.  
I was not yet born when Neil Armstrong went to the moon and I really find it interesting. I thought he already die long before. I was just shocked that he just die recently via yahoo news. He was my idol when I was a child because I want to be astronaut like him.
I like to read the "Fifty Shades of Grey". But, I am only done with the chapter 1... I really find it cute and romantic though people labeled it as some erotic story.
They are called gays because they are very gay/happy people. They makes us laugh and forget some of our problems.
New Posts  All Forums: