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it would be nice if apple offers unlocked phone network  
  before, i live because someone i met in net told me to keep going and make me happy... Though, i haven't meet him personally
    I didn't say to go on solar, it will be so hard if storm is coming
  Well, That would be nice for your father if he can see the first human landing on Mars is his son! :)
  Thanks.... :)
  They, We gonna die after all so why politician wants to limit sodas? another political agenda
  And what are you trying to imply with this???????
  You're comment are too business like and only few understands.. Peace!
  Actually, I am also confused whether that $8M is the net or still the gross profit. But whatever it is. Paperless publishing is still good for our environment. :)
  LG is nice... I don't see anything wrong with that phone.
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