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    Oh... is there an honor if you became a thief?  Samsung will be happy about that.
  The one who made the verdicts were the judges and lawyers obviously!
    FYI I am not a Samsung fanatic. My point is that ordinary people decide what the best product for us. If someone think apple is the best for them then fine. would you think ordinary people mind about the patent? we are more into the usefulness of the product.
  There is no truth in politics
    Well, you will never know.... Apple patents because they will sue all the competitors.
    Well, black is cool but it seems ordinary!
      Well, that's how politics works... So sad and pathetic!
    Too bad! Good luck then!
    If you banned Samsung in making product then don't expect your Apple with make a perfect innovation.
    If i find the synopsis boring then what will i expect for the whole story??? I won't waste my time for that. Synopsis is the best way an author let the people read their stories.
New Posts  All Forums: