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Thank you! Just read you can. You go through just like you said and the price will show and you can order it or not.
I'm not looking for unlocked, I'm staying with AT&T.  Can I pre order then from Apple.com if I'm paying the full subsidized price?         Thanks, Jerry
Hi,    I just read that, if your paying full price on Apple.com, you can't pre order the new iPhone when it comes out, is this true? If I have AT&T and want to stay with them and not get it unlocked and have to pay the full subsidized price, does this mean I can't pre-order from apple.com? Maybe i can from AT&T website?          Thanks, Jerry
Just was wondering, if anybody else is showing only one backup file in iTunes 10.6.3 with iOS6 beta? I know, I used to have many backup files, but now only shows one. Is this coming from the latest iTunes, showing only one backup? Is there a way to get any older backup files to use? Thanks, Jerry
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