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 While the iPhone that they showed the media was like that, he said that "...A shipping product with the technology -- not necessarily an iPhone -- would have a dedicated slot for fuel cartridges, each containing enough powder to run a phone for about a week."
 The above provides a concern for me.  Would the fuel cartidges be user refillable, or would they be one time only and you have to buy new ones?  Even if they are only, say, $10.00 each, at 52 weeks in a year, that is $520.00
 I thought so, but you see so many TVs with MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, AVI, and other codecs, that I was concerned.  I realize that those codecs are intended for streaming media, either from the internet or in home, but I didn't know if it would effect if the codec processing was handled in something else, like with the AppleTV, so I wanted to check.  Thank you for the help.
There has been a lot of speculation about what will be in the new Apple TV, including some speculation about 4K and HEVC.  While I am not interested about 4K content at the current time, I do have a question about HEVC and the Apple TV.  Basically, if Apple includes HEVC in the Apple TV, and changes content in the App Store to use HEVC, can I still use it with HEVC even if the TV doesn't include HEVC support?  In other words, will the TV act as a "dumb moniter", or will...
Yesterday, when I signed up for iTunes Music, it worked at first, but then it was unable to access iCloud Music Library.  I tried to close iTunes and reopen it, and it didn't work.  When I turned on the computer today, it started to work, but then it failed to access iCloud Music Library again.     I tried to uninstall iTunes, and reinstall it, but it still didn't work.  Also, because I deleted the folders containing the media just in case it was something in there, I...
I hope that they either include or offer the ability to scrape data for real-time tracking of the different modes of transportation, at least for those transit providers who provide real-time tracking.
 That "secret court" is actually the FISA Court.  It was established in 1978 to handle espionage and counterintelligence investigations.  Due to the sensitive national security nature of spying on a spy, the court is secret.  However, it does maintain the same records that any other court would, it simply isn't released to the public.
 Actually, during the Q&A after the event, someone asked about after the first year, and Microsoft didn't know what they would do.  They may charge money, or they may even keep it free.  They simply don't know yet.
I am looking at buying a tablet for the first time.  I am leaning between the iPad Mini, and the iPad Mini w/ Retina, or the Nexus 7.  Yes, I know that this is an Apple site, but even if you can't advise w/regards to the Nexus 7, then please advise w/ the two iPads.  I don't have any experience with a retina display, so I wouldn't know what I was missing w/o it.  Thanks for the advice.
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