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I am looking at buying a tablet for the first time.  I am leaning between the iPad Mini, and the iPad Mini w/ Retina, or the Nexus 7.  Yes, I know that this is an Apple site, but even if you can't advise w/regards to the Nexus 7, then please advise w/ the two iPads.  I don't have any experience with a retina display, so I wouldn't know what I was missing w/o it.  Thanks for the advice.
While updating from Windows 7 or before does cost money for Windows 8.1, if you have Windows 8, the update is free.
  While I don't have the link in front of me, it is expected that flash SSDs will likely be replaced by ReRam, or Resistance Ram.  There is a company, who are investing in it now, and expect to have it to market in around 2016.   About the only way it could come earlier is if a company like Samsung or Apple invested large amounts of capital to speed it up.  I have to admit, that if one of them did invest, I would prefer it to be Samsung, because that way, it would filter...
 I didn't think Haswell-E would be going in a Mac anyway, I just included it for completeness of the CPUs coming next year for desktops.
I found this story that there will be no Broadwell CPUs for the desktop, just for tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices.   The Story link:  http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/32524-broadwell-won%E2%80%99t-make-it-to-desktop   What do you guys think of the implacations, especially for the iMac/Apple desktops.  I think, that the Haswell-E will still come out next year, along with a Haswell refresh for desktops.
  Al Jazeera has or at least had a reputation as Jihad TV or something similar.  Basically, there were so many videos from terrorists that were airing on the channel, especially in 2001-2003ish that it gained that reputation.  I am aware that it's coverage on Egypt was lauded and everything, I am not talking about that, or other stories where it's coverage was lauded.  I am addressing the above quote directly, nothing more.
The DOJ settlement would also go beyond e-books, prohibiting Apple from entering agreements with suppliers of "music, movies, television shows or other content that are likely to increase the prices at which Apple's competitor retailers may sell that content."   The DOJ's settlement proposal didn't say the above, Apple's response did.    I am not in favor of restricting "music, movies, television shows or other content" deals with regards to this settlement.  It...
  I think that he was commenting on the fact that the Xbox One reveal event focused more on the entertainment aspects and capabilities of the device than on games.  Which, actually makes sense with E3 starting on Wednesday, and Microsoft's E3 press conference on Monday, June 10.
You're assuming that Microsoft made the app for the Xbox.  It is possible that either Google made it for the Xbox, or that Microsoft made it for the Xbox and the APIs are under NDA.
  I was thinking that Apple could act like the Cable/Sat TV company and handle the payments for it.  So you are still not paying HBO/Cinemax directly, but you are paying Apple who are then paying HBO.   If Apple did that, and then tied that access into your Apple ID, you would likely be able to access it on your computer/iDevice.  The only downside to the above idea, is that at the end of the day, it is still only On Demand, not a mirrored stream from the HBO channels,...
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