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No, think about it as a companion of iPhone. All this nano would have is Smart Bluetooth, so you can ask something to it, and you voice would be sent wirelessly through a digitalized audio stream to your iPhone 4S in your pocket. All the processing and the Internet communication would be done by the iPhone. Then the iPhone sends the answer to the iPod nano on your wrist, which displays the notification on its screen and talks it with its integrated speaker.
NVIDIA Optimus is here (though Apple doesn't say its name). Nice. See On-demand performance. Off-the-charts efficiency section on Apple web site:http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/performance.html
Yes, not compatible with Tiger, I didn't saw that sorrry. But AVI is just a container you know, so the video in an AVI file can be compressed in various codecs (like with the MOV container), each with variable compression (quality). Which codec is used in your AVI movie? What is its bitrate (in kbits/s)? Play the movie in QuickTime Player and hit Apple-I to display information. If the codec is efficient, say DivX or XVID like many AVI files, you won't get a smaller file...
Hello, first your AVI movie needs to be playable in QuickTime Player, thanks to the appropriate codec, if available. If this step is OK, then you need the free Real Export Plug-in for Mac. QuickTime Pro is not free but you can try to export with iMovie (in the File menu: Share/QuickTime/Expert Settings/Movie to RealMedia).
According to various web sites, Sequel fights in the GarageBand class. GarageBand comes free with new Macs, but for all other people it costs bundled with the $79 iLife. Logic Express costs $299. I agree it will be very difficult for Sequel to impose against a widely free GarageBand, even if it has features GB doesn't offer (arrangements by verse, refrain, etc). And iLife'07 is just around the corner so it could have these features too. But Sequel is also available for...
Steinberg has just relased Sequel, a competitor to Apple GarageBand. Universal Binary priced at US$99. When I saw the screenshot, it reminded me iPhone's UI a lot, which itself announces OS X Leopard. Look at the transparent borders, the blueish tints and shades of the window bar, theses colours are not inside Tiger naturally (the ones available through Aqua, Brushed metal, Unified or Pro apps). Look also at the controls: flat tactile buttons, softly underlined by a...
Video editing, key combination for games, etc.But you're right. I think the characters illumination in a dark room (ala MBP) is a better reason to buy this thing, rather than its ability to tint keys in various colors. Moreover you can tell this keyboard to have all its keys illuminated in the same color, say, in a soft arctic blue for example. It would be more elegant.
Engadget has an update on a new black LUXEED low-profile keyboard with LEDs by Luxiium: backlit on each character, not glowing the whole keys anymore. Somewhat like MacBook Pro's illuminated keyboard. And with a dedicated software you can choose the exact color of each key! Hope it will come in a Mac version.
My link is not the latest. But two separate products coming at different dates on the market and from different companies does not prevent these partners from working on an interoperable solution. MS and Intel worked on this thing before ViiV ever came out, not after. And this Integrated Media Server Software does not lie into the OS. What do you do of all these Media Center PCs having the ViiV logo on their case? They don't exist?BTW here is the ViiV Supported Operating...
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 was the first OS to use ViiV (ViiV 1.0). And Media Center Extenders are DLNA Compliant (the transcoding trick). See point #4 on this page. ViiV 1.5 is an update with Intel processors (PentiumD and Core Duo -> Core 2 Duo) and ViiV 2.0 changes some things with the transition to Vista.
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