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Obviously this is not Cell-architecture: the Cell alliance is not called STIMS So if the Xbox2 processor is only made of PPE-dérivative (three of them, stripped-down in-order PPC cores) but without any SPE ; and since the great force of Cell lays in its multiple SPEs and not really in its PPE... it seems at this point that MS made a "mistake" to some extent, and that PS3 will smoke Xbox2? (I know we don't have much more information, it is just a quick assumption)
Sorry Denmaru, I used English before and still will use it on these boards but... couldn't resist on this one
Cyril, iSight est passée depuis longtemps de 169 € Ã* 149 €, depuis l'été 2004... Ce n'était pas une promotion Fnac !
Apparently, the first fully iTunes enabled moto phone will be the "ROKR". From Yahoo: "Another new model, the yet-to-be-unveiled ROKR, will be Motorola's first phone that is fully compatible with Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes software, which will be Motorola's default music player on handsets."
WTF? MobileTracker: "Motorola E1060 does not have iTunes" and engadget: "Motorola’s E1060 is not the first iTunes phone" Quote: A Motorola spokesperson noted "E1060 was used to demonstate iTunes client; however, it is not our iTunes product." [...] In an Apple-like fashion, Motorola is keeping the first iTunes enabled phone under very close wraps. While Motorola wanted to show off the software, it appears the company wanted to keep the device secret.
Let's talk about data transmission over electricity, cause there is now some fresh news in this area. BPL (Broadband over Power Line) uses high-voltage electricity grids (outdoor) to provide Internet access, and PLC (Power Line Communications) use domestic power lines (indoor) to create home networks. Different names, same technology. Well, PLC is a more generic term. The HomePlug Powerline Alliance is a consortium promotting PLC with members such as Broadcom Corp,...
New Posts  All Forums: