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another proof-of-fake:
iGhettoblaster pOwA!
Here is the good link at macshrine.com and the picture: Youc can see what may be a dock connector on the right side covered by tape and Chinese characters on it which says "This side", and a sticker with the part number MB719Z/A.
The article claims this thing would measure 8 x 8 x 8 inches (20 cm side): a perfect cube. As for comparison, Mac mini is 6.5" wide and 2" tall (16.5 x 16.5 x 5 cm) ; and the G4 Cube was 8 x 8 x 10 inches so this perfectly cubic aluminium cube would be smaller than the G4 cube (or about the same size if you remove the tranparent plastic cover which raised it). But I imagine Apple would come with softer edges on a metal cube (like a dice), it would be better looking and...
Chinese site HKEPC.com says next Intel G965 chipset (the one for the desktop Conroe processor) and its integrated graphics will support a bunch of new features related to special effects and hardware acceleration for 3D graphics and video, promising to deliver a lot more power than today's -crippled?- GMA 900 and GMA 950 found in current 945GM chipset. But it seems the new chipset is very windows-centric, with several Micosoft-only related technologies. PIXEL & VERTEX...
It seems Merom will come this year, by September. We'll learn much more about Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest and their availability at the IDF, March 7-9. Intel is going to detail this "Next Generation Micro-Architecture".
As for yield: Core Solo processors come from "bad yield parts" since they are Core Duo processors with a disabled core because this one didn't pass the tests from Intel factories.
You could now add to Conroe Series upon initial launch: - a top-of-the-line Conroe XE (Extreme Edition): specifications unknown yet - a bottom-line E4200: 1.60 GHz, 800 FSB, 2 MB shared L2 cache
According to the French site PC INpact, here is a list of model numbers and frequencies (and even some prices, I assume 'per 1000 units') for the upcoming mobile chip Merom and the server & workstation variant Woodcrest, from cheapest to best : MEROM - T5600 @ 1.83 GHz, FSB 667 MHz, 4 MB L2 (single-core) - T7200 @ 2.00 GHz, FSB 667 MHz, 4 MB L2 (dual-core) - T7400 @ 2.16 GHz, FSB 667 MHz, 4 MB L2 (dual-core) - T7600 @ 2.33 GHz, FSB 667 MHz, 4 MB L2...
Lol! - I say one inch taller! - No, it will be the same size. - But size matters! - No, pixel count is more important.Well, attacking the living room seems plausible to me. I hope a 802.11n Airport AV streamer at 600 Mbps with FrontRow inside, and composite/S-video/VGA/DVI/HDMI-out to plug on HDTVs.
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